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State propaganda in the NRC

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In the heyday of the NRC it was a newspaper with objective news and substantiated articles criticizing the government. That time is over. Today it is a newspaper that shamelessly displays state propaganda.

The owners of Persgroep and Mediahuis, 2 Belgians, affiliated with the UN and EU, own almost all newspapers, including the NRC. It is clear from the contents of the newspapers that the aim of the Belgians is no longer to inform people about the truth. The main goal is to involve people in the desired narrative. However, this narrative is becoming increasingly extreme. The Pravda, the state newspaper of communist Russia, could still suck a little bit of it.

The purpose of the propaganda is now clear. Within 10 years the world must be reset, we will tear down SMEs and Build Better Back with Sustainable Development Goals. At the end of the story we own nothing and the Rockefeller's cum suis own everything. The vaccination app, the CO2 budget app and the digital money will play a central role in the digital control whereby a Social Credit System can keep us in line.

The Rockefellers cs have put several irons in the fire, all with the aim of arriving at a central world government. The EU and the UN are quite successful. Less successful were the League of Nations or the attempt at a world religion (World Goodwill in the UN).

Lecture Karel van Wolferen no. 22: 

One of their successes in human control is climate fear, the warming that is supposedly entirely caused by human CO2 emissions. The contradiction is that oil and derivatives such as plastic are indeed quite polluting. However, the only good thing that comes from oil is CO2, nature loves it. But you cannot control people with environmental pollution, but you can with invisible CO2. So that is the role of the newspapers and the task of the editors-in-chief of the newspapers is clear in this. The carbon fear propaganda must now go into overdrive so that we will all accept a carbon budget and large corporations with connections to WEF and Rockefellers can survive.

The biggest success story with regard to exploitation concerns the financial system. However, this system is on the verge of collapse. The bankers responsible for this system therefore wanted to provide a diversion. In order for people not to see how the financial system works, it has to go down with a lot of chaos and confusion. There were 2 most obvious options: a war or a pandemic, both had their pros and cons. The pandemic was of course a daring exercise, they had little experience with it. However, a pandemic had multiple benefits and given the success of 09-11, which they also got away with, they had built up self-confidence and dared to face the pandemic.

To be able to sell the psyops like the pandemic and the climate well to the world, most media must be under control. However, if you have as much cash flow as the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, money doesn't matter. In addition, taxpayers and subscribers also largely contribute to their own brainwashing.

One of the purchased newspapers is the NRC. I myself have not had any newspapers for quite some time, you can get reliable information elsewhere, such as books and the internet. Recently, however, I had the dubious pleasure of reading the NRC again for a week, thanks to the neighbors who were on holiday.

This week, the NRC went wild on the climate organ in addition to the usual corona geuter. The new IPCC report played a leading role in this. Arthur Petersen journalist at the NRC even gets "tears in his eyes from praise for the IPCC report". I also got tears, but with a different underlying emotion, namely crooked toes. The IPCC is a very biased club that shuts out other voices. In this interview at BLCKBX, Marcel Crock once again explains in great detail how the composition of IPCC employees is established and how politically colored the IPCC and the IPCC report are. “Alarmistic IPCC report offers hope” says science journalist Marcel Crok in an analysis. – YouTube

The NRC shamelessly uses the hockey stick chart again, which had previously been painfully debunked with climategate. However, it is not so much the lies that disturb the NRC, it is mainly the great concealment, the selective presentation of information that the NRC can be blamed for. There are countless studies in science that have shot big holes or cast serious doubts on the global warming myth. If you want to make your own judgment or learn about important topics, I advise you to delve into convection and evaporation, the CO2 cycle, sea level rise, the melting of the ice, homogenization of temperatures, history of temperature on earth , Milankovi cycles, greening of the desert, saturation of the greenhouse gases, tropical hotspot or the effect of the measures on the temperature. Accessible websites to start with are climategate, climate crazy or climate facts.

None of this in the NRC. The fact alone that the CO2 level in the past has slowly decreased from 3000 ppm to 300 and now only increased to 410, I have not come across in the NRC. The threat of a dangerously rising sea level is endlessly disguised, while there is no evidence for it. As with corona, the biggest threat mainly consists of graphs and computer models.

In the coming years it will be an all or nothing scenario for the billionaires. This means that in addition to the vaccine craze, climate propaganda will also take on extreme forms. The propaganda papers of the Belgians will report on every cloudburst and forest fire and every heat record will be on the front page with fanfare, a tiresome prospect.

You have to hand it to the billionaires, they know the human mind better than the average psychologist. The massive trickery and deception, the corruption and manipulation right under the eyes of the people without anyone seeing it, is well done. The billionaires know how to exploit the 7 sins of man well. Every journalist who still works at the NRC has a weakness such as pride, greed, lust, jealousy, gluttony, revenge or laziness with which they can be corrupted or blackmailed. This works reasonably well so far, until consciences start to rise or the house of cards collapses, then everyone will see. Then the journalists of the NRC can atone for their sins and explain to their children and the world why they were so wrong or stupid in the war.

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