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Statement 80 police officers is not (yet) due to threats

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The text below is taken directly from the BPOC2020

Press release presentation police report 10 July 2021

On July 7th, we as BPOC2020 were confronted with multiple threats to life. These persons were aware of our private address, of the car in which we drive, and of the location where the explanatory agents would come out on July 10th. 

As BPOC2020 and the advisory board, we cannot guarantee the safety of the 80 certifying agents, the hall owner, the technicians and other involved. We therefore had to decide with great reluctance and in consultation with the agents to cancel the physical presentation of the agents. Putting the images of the explanatory officers online is also not an alternative, because this also affects their safety. As BPOC2020, we cannot take responsibility for that either. 

The police report was presented today. As you know, the images of the statements are in the safe with a notary. The committee is looking for ways to make the notary's affidavit public without subsequently harming the notary's security. 

We will also exert maximum pressure on the Minister of Security and Justice to receive the affidavit from the notary, so that it is clear that the anonymous statements were made by agents of flesh and blood. We will try to achieve this by seeking publicity in the media. 

Our lawyer will also write to the Minister of Justice and Security. If the minister does not respond, we will file a complaint against him for maladministration. 

The report will also be presented to the International Criminal Court next week, as a supplement to the archive we have already submitted to the Criminal Court. We will also inform the criminal court of the above experiences. 

In the committee's view, the government has created a climate in which major contradictions have arisen, resulting in the threats that have befallen us. Also the libel and slander by the Belgian virologist Mr. M. Van Ranst and the retweeting of this libel and slander by the Dutch virologist Marion Koopmans contributed to this climate and the resulting threats to the Committee. against mr. Van Ranst has already started criminal and civil proceedings.

Asking questions and searching for the truth is not without danger in the Netherlands and is rewarded in this way. 

We will keep you informed of the developments in this. 

It remains for us to inform you that the threats will be reported to the public prosecutor. 

On behalf of the committee and the advisory board,

Pieter Kuit and Jade Kuit

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