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Keep Away From Our Children!

Last week it hit again. The globalist game played out through our primary school children has a new chapter. Wrong teaching material full of hate and racist texts.

Children must grow up in a safe and secure situation. You do it as a parent or guardians everything to ensure that your children are without scratches to grow up. And yes, they get wiser by trial and error. After all, through a good and warm upbringing they are and perhaps the new leaders of tomorrow.

An attentive parent from the Haarlemmermeerse Zwanenburg found an abject 'backpack letter'in his child's school bag!

Totally shocked and bewildered immediately contact sought with the local Haarlemmermeerse party Force!

Faction leader and descendant of list Pim Fortuijn, Paul Meijer, immediately addressed the relevant primary school on this undesirable situation and went crazy on the socials. Very rightly, what this is absolutely not possible through the bracket.

Watch his YouTube statement here:

Actually you should be able to assume that education NEUTRAL is, so that children have their own opinion and face shield can build up.

But this week the school-going children got a very striking piece Homework stuffed in their bag:
Through "News Understanding"The kids learn something from the news and what goes on in the world is going on.

Apparently that 'learning' is very one-sidedly based and heavily focused on the MSM left corner.
It looks so innocent, but when you read the letter, you soon find out that all this is EXCEPT innocent.

Texts like “Some white people think other people are worth less” “These people think themselves better” “Because George was black”.

These texts are impossible to do and extremely abject! This entire letter is one major racist support of racists addressed to children.

Also on Facebook has the Dutch Law enforcement from the office Uithoorn, spoke out against the letter.

TRIBUTE for this police team, this is what they were right to say about this:

“For all the children who received this assignment at school: We think the makers wanted to give you a lesson in CRITICAL reading. This means that you think carefully about the text and see for yourself what is and is not correct. For example, it says in this text that 'white officers are more likely to use black people for violence kill'.
As if agents just do that! ”

“As agents (white, black and all other skin colors) we think that's one very silly text. If you already thought this text CANNOT all the way knocked, then you had it good. ” (source

Police Uithoorn said.

We dived into this organization, because what or who is actually “News Understanding”. For this we plowed into the file at the Room of Commerce and have sought telephone contact.

At the address Rotterdam we find various bvs and foundations. News Understanding is based on one stichting made which is under the wings of the foundation

As head of registration you will find Ceducon BV, with the offline website obtained Bv.
They have to PROFIT to survive.
Schools therefore PAY for the extremely DOUBLE practices of this company.

At our request for explanation is with this company no hearing given, we haven't been called back yet. However, they did leave a comment on them later website. Their statement about the released letter. The show in the letter. They do their best to explain it as best they can, suddenly could the text also anders are explained.

What strikes me is that they use sources that NOT be named in the teaching material. Nor do they give to other sources WANT going to use. In other words, it could just be that the following “News Concept” WEATHER is made with only leftist globalist ideas in mind.

By Jasper S.

Statement Paul Meijer Forza!

Statement police Uithoorn:

News Concept: Lessons on Racism Protests:

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