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With the video Planet of the Humans, Michael Moore made it very clear to me, where the big problems arise in our current zeitgeist.
It has been several months since I dedicated a column to the enormous clearing of forests in the Netherlands, for the benefit of green electricity, where Vattenfall is burning our nature as biofuel at a tremendous pace.

It has everything to do with protocols and we see that every time, whether it is the massive destruction of our trees, whether it is the CO2, or not being allowed to use clearly effective drugs against corona by general practitioners, it is protocols that stick a stick there between the spokes, people are completely blinded by the regulations that have turned against us.

The consequences of Planet of the Humans are very clear, the left is completely upside down, because there is one thing that is made very clear, it is that green electricity is a huge illusion, that people are heavily cheated with this heavily subsidized so-called clean energy , which infeite is not so clean at all, but rather heavily polluting and represents deception of humanity.

Whoever thought that making a solar panel is based on clean energy will be shaken awfully hard, because there is no sand in these panels but quartz and the way in which this is extracted certainly does not deserve a beauty prize and all that is mercilessly exposed in this film, which as one major indictment reveals the left-wing follies.

Obviously, the necessary people have already tried to clarify numerous abuses, but that an accusation was placed from the left corner against these abuses of the Green Khmer, of course, hit with a bomb and with some gloating I have this video sent to all chairmen of the House of Representatives.

Also with the fight against Covid-19 we see the necessary errors, Minister Hugo de Jonge already spoke about not going to events and festivals anymore, until people have been vaccinated, now I have already stated very clearly that I never use myself with such a vaccine will be grafted, but it is clear that he is literally quoting the words of Bill Gates and it is high time that people stood up against such obligations.


If a general practitioner, in this case Rob Elens, has ten corona patients in his practice and manages to cure all ten patients, then it should not be the case that this doctor is forced to discontinue his treatment, that his practices that are not at all virtue, the body that deals with it should be held accountable, because it plays with human lives.

It is high time that people started offering petitions, it became very clear that we are turning a blind eye to the eye and Marcel Crok also shows you very clearly in this beautiful video what is already wrong with the climate madness, our totally insane government and of course the EU, which looks more like a psychiatric institution, than there are still people walking around with reason.


It seems that a large part of the population of the Netherlands is not so crazy, it is high time to throw off the yoke of the EU and Rutte III, like sweet sandwiches there are lots of interesting videos coming in, it can not otherwise, sooner or later this will have to pay off, we need to come back to ourselves, we need people with expertise and no charlatans!

Chris Collard.

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