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Stop rambling about those vaccines. People don't have to!

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Revolts worldwide

Wherever people try to mandate vaccines, people stand up and revolt.

The fact that the media doesn't show anything about it says a lot.

Various hospitals and other agencies worldwide, the people at the top made the incomprehensible decision every staff member should be vaccinated.

But people don't take it, don't want it and won't do it.


Yesterday in Colorado.

In the Colorado region, the 3 largest health institutions want to impose a vaccination obligation. To start with, for all healthcare workers.

Almost immediately the people revolted, about 3 weeks ago when they heard what the plans were. The protests returned every weekend after that.

Then UCHealth announced that it will require employees at its 12 facilities to be vaccinated against COVID-1 or fired by October 19, unless they receive an exemption on religious or medical grounds.

It's indescribable. Indescribable because it has never been about our health. For those who are not yet clear…

The rallies are sponsored by Nurses and Healthcare Workers United, a grassroots organization of medical personnel opposed to vaccine mandates.

“With the announcement of three major health systems in the region now requiring mandatory COVID-19 vaccines, many health professionals are concerned that the rights to medical freedom and physical autonomy are being eroded and ignored”, the group said in a press release.

“If you are threatened with losing your job because you do not participate in a medical procedure that you do not agree to, that is not respect for autonomy. We are champions for our patients' right to autonomy and now we unfortunately have to stand up for our own right.”

Clearly. And people who defend themselves will also come at a time when they will use violence.

What is the reaction of these idiotic “health institutions”?

“After more than a year battling COVID-19, and as the dangerous Delta strain has become the dominant strain in Colorado and elsewhere, it's clear that vaccination against this disease is essential to keep our employees, patients and visitors safe. to protect, " said Elizabeth Concordia, president and CEO of UCHealth in a company statement.

Nonsense and lies. Like they're talking to a bunch of kids. The pandemic is only reflected in the hysteria or because things were not in order in certain facilities but not in the numbers. There was no pandemic and there is no pandemic.

There is only one thing that will cause death and destruction: the vaccines.

And people are willing to give up their jobs if these agencies keep pushing. (source)


Nothing wrong

As a sane person you no longer know where to look when you see these kinds of obligations and measures.

It just keeps getting crazier and crazier. Reality no longer matters. Whether something works or not is absolutely not up for debate. The side effects of the many DEAD from the vaccines are simply kept under wraps. That jab must be in young and old.

In 2019, this would also be an unimaginable phenomenon that would shame almost every person.

And it still should be. This is not fascism. This is extreme fascism. 

No master of your own body?
An experimental vaccine in my body?
By force, otherwise you will be locked out?

The people would make short shrift of the dangerous lunatics who are behind these kinds of schemes.

But those same people who are going to turn against you now.

The authorities have taken a smart approach. Threaten death first. The "killer virus".

Then the measures and the mouth caps. Mainly intended to try on a daily basis, together with the media and the government, to make you aware that a killer virus is indeed blowing around. Just think about the measures. It's not exactly a time where friends and family drop dead in droves. No, there's really nothing wrong at all.

Firefighters in France join the protest

They won't make it

It was expected that the majority would tack. But they won't succeed. In fact, they've overplayed their hand and made such a fool of themselves that virtually anyone who hasn't been vaccinated yet will do so at no cost. What you now lose as a consequence is unjust. Now comes the time when everyone must keep their backs straight and have faith that the truth and the Good will win.

What you lose now, you will get back again and again. What you never get rid of is that life-threatening stuff that's in that syringe.

We also have a growing group that deeply regrets taking a vaccine and so the group that thinks the vaccines can be put in the backs of politicians is only getting bigger and bigger.. Because unlike corona, Do people see vaccinated people experiencing a lot of problems or are they themselves bothered by it. And it gets much, much worse.

We are wrongly talking about vaccines here. This gene therapy is anything but a vaccine. Yet the word vaccine is widely used in this situation.

Poland protests. Where's the end of the line of people?

France anti-vaccine protests


Anti-Vaccine Protest London


Spread the freedom!

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