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Stop the Billionaires

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The theory of the wappies is that the world is controlled and manipulated by a group of billionaires. This group is characterized by eagerness, lust for power and abuse of the people. In the words of George Carlin: “it's a big club and you ain't in it”. (1)

The “conspiracy theory” in a nutshell:

Billionaires own about 80% of all the value in the world. Billionaires control most politicians and media through corruption and blackmail. Types like Jeffrey Epstein play a critical role in the blackmail element. These billionaires manage their assets tax-free through so-called philanthropic institutions such as the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Open Society Foundation. They also have a lot of value in large investment companies such as Black Rock and the Vanguard group. (2)

These billionaires are after world power, also called the New World Order. In addition, a number of them have the ambition to reduce the world's population and improve genetically, notably the Rockefellers and Bill Gates. (3-4)

Not everything this elite does is by definition disadvantageous; it is not inconceivable that their influence prevented nuclear war. The view that sooner or later there must be a brake on population growth can also still be followed. Furthermore, Darwin's gene theory is not complete nonsense. However, much of the billionaires' actions to date point more to the exploitation of people than to philanthropy and altruism.

When you are born into a family of billionaires, your life is not necessarily a great dance of joy. There is a lot of family suffering; despite all the surveillance, the chance of an accident is above average. Some examples are Princess Diana in a car accident, Queen Astrid in a car accident, Prince Gustaf in a plane crash, Princess Grace in a boat accident, Prince Friso in a skiing accident, the list is much longer. Some Rockefellers and Rothschilds have also died of unnatural deaths at a young age. (Raphael Rothschild, Michael Rockefeller and Richard Rockefeller, among others).

The Rockefellers play a vital role in the theory. This is because many lines of influence and power can be traced back to this family. Most of the media and politicians in America are controlled through members of the CFR and the Trilateral Commission, founded by the Rockefellers. The climate hoax can be traced back to the IPCC founded by Maurice Strong, vassal of the Rockefellers. The first contacts and Wallstreet investments with China went through Kissinger, also an errand boy of the Rockefellers. Yeltsin also visited the CFR. He has sold Russian state-owned companies to Jewish olichargen for next to nothing with the help of Wall Street money. (5-6)

Half of the pharmaceutical industry is owned by the Rockefellers. They have also served on the boards of all medical schools since the early 1900s, skillfully teaching physicians to prescribe Rockefeller drugs and promote vaccines. (7)

Many wars have been funded by the billionaires. The Russian Revolution was sponsored by the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. Hitler was funded by Harriman and Bush (grandfather of) who were both in close contact with the Rockefellers. However, Lenin was funded from the US in the second world war as well.

Although this information is public in itself, it is not taught in schools or universities or in newspapers, so it is not common knowledge.

In history several methods have been tried to control the population. The keeping of serfs or slaves throughout history worked through violence. Paid soldiers are apparently willing to oppress their own people. The police state in communism has also worked well as a method of oppression for a long time. The population themselves were prepared to betray each other and the threat of a one-way ticket to Siberia prevented recalcitrant behavior.

Democracy also works well if it is combined with adequate media manipulation and influence on politicians. It is clear that people can be fooled about anything with brainwashing techniques. The most unlikely religions are people to talk to, if introduced at a young age. You can fool people that nitrogen and CO2 are a threat. You can even convince people to lock themselves in their homes and block their breathing with mouth masks. It even manages to offer treatments with a higher fatality rate than the disease itself.

James Corbett has many great examples of how we are manipulated, see his long series on propaganda. His 2014 analysis of the film Contagion is old but now very appropriate for understanding how mind control works. (10)

To predict the future.

If we empathize with a billionaire with ambition to become world power, it is broadly possible to predict what the near future will look like. Given their expertise with various forms of power, a mix of capitalism, communism, police state, mass manipulation and digital surveillance is the most obvious.

How do they roll this out?

In October 2019, an exercise was held to test an imaginary corona pandemic, the well-known event 201. Two months later, there was the first corona pandemic in living memory. In the exercise in October 2019, no mention was made of expanding care. The "solution" to the virus was ineffective lockdowns. The population accepted it indiscriminately.

The billionaires recently announced an exercise on a cyber attack. Analogous to event 201, it is therefore to be expected that a staged cyber attack will take place a few months later. The “solution” is then already ready: the internet can only be visited with an identification system.

Another element is that the vaccination passport will be further printed. It will be complained that there is too much fraud in the system because naughty criminals forge passports. Subsequently, Bill Gates' ID2020-060606 is pulled out of the closet that cannot be used for fraud. With this digital tattoo ID we are one step further towards total control.

We have also been enthusiastic about basic income for years. You should think of 1000 euros per month for everyone for free, but linked to your digital ID. If you don't participate you are a thief of your own wallet, you participate you become a slave to the system.

As icing on the cake, we get a behavioral app where penalty points are awarded for misbehavior. Misbehavior refers to acts that billionaires do not like. The penalty will consist of withdrawing your basic income or not being allowed to travel. This system is already being used with great success in China.

A good trick for value transfer will take place by taxing everything that has to do with energy, for example by means of a CO2 tax to prevent global warming. Since everything costs energy to produce, and therefore everything emits CO2, you can also levy tax on everything. Brilliant in its simplicity.

In an emergency, billionaires can increase the pressure by making people go hungry, which works even better than fear. For example, by stopping the transport of food, by means of a war or a cyber attack.

War is in any case a tried and tested means for the elite. This is always good for public fear and government debt and thus dependence on bankers. It also works well to make the then reigning ruler appear powerful, image-technically an excellent concept.

It is to be expected that the collapsing money system will be used to push even more value towards the billionaires. They are already buying up all the small businesses with borrowed money. Debts will disappear in smoke with the hyperinflation. As soon as the hyperinflation sets in, everyone is in a panic, chaos ensues and there will be massive lawsuits. The government must intervene to get things going and to settle the debts. Values ​​will have to be resolutely redistributed otherwise everything will get stuck in lawsuits. In practice, much value will again go from 20% to 80%. The crash will also be a great time to install Basic Income. The basic income will be provided by workers, the small saver and SME millionaires. In practice, this means that the common man has to hand over his last possessions due to high real estate tax. The billionaires are of course free of charge, these are philanthropic foundations, charities are of course tax-free.

Thanks to all these tricks, within 10 years all the remaining assets will go to the 3000 billionaires, who will then own 100% and “you will own nothing”.

Then we all go into salaried employment with the big companies already owned by the billionaires: Mars, Ikea, Starbucks, McDonalds, Albert Hein etc. Food from massive government farms no longer comes from local farmers and there will hardly be an SME. can be found there.

No possession is no power. Ultimately, humanity will be a kind of livestock farming for the entertainment of the small elite.

People will want to revolt. However, thanks to Google, Facebook, the digital payment system, vaccination passport, internet identification requirement and 5G mass surveillance, you cannot take a step without this being detected. As soon as a group with a “suspicious profile” comes together for a revolution, this will immediately be tackled and nipped in the bud. You get demerit points on your behavioral app, a prison sentence or even the death penalty.

If it was difficult to break out of this police state in the communist era without modern technology, a revolution in the digital age will become practically impossible.

Within the next 10 years, all of humanity will be enslaved. Billionaires will look back with satisfaction on this long-running game of risk. But owning the place is the end of the fun. To provide some entertainment, they can start fulfilling their depopulation wishes, preferably combined with some eugenics and transhumanism. 500 million people, in their opinion, is more than enough on this globe, preferably productive and submissive types. They may select the genes that encode servile and slavish characters. (De Roon's genes are then not eligible.)

Can we prevent this plan? Hell yes. We will not have to join the divide and rule games, wake up and make sacrifices.

Generally speaking, offering resistance can be done in 2 ways:

  1. To inform

Above all, you should not hope that you will be saved by someone else, not by the FvD, not by Fuellmich, not by Trump and Q, do not "trust the plan". You have to do it yourself, but you are not alone; beyond the 3000 billionaires, there are potentially 8 billion furious soldiers by your side. They just have to wake up for a while. Therefore, depending on your persuasiveness, try to sow at least a seed of doubt in your environment every day, do this in doses and keep looking for the connection. Everyone must gradually learn how the system works. For example, you can stick a few flyers on lampposts every day, or ask someone what they think of the lockdown and masks and build on that.

  1. To invest

More money must be made towards 20% and less towards 80%. Better local wealth and a regional millionaire than a globalist billionaire. This means consciously choosing to buy local products and avoid anything related to the billionaires. Put your energy into setting up local cooperatives and regional money. Approach farmers, plumbers, hairdressers, carpenters, etc. Only buy second-hand products (cars, washing machines, maybe even clothes) and have them repaired by local mechanics and carpenters. If you don't want slavery for your children, not a cent more should go to the billionaires. Start tomorrow before it's too late.

This also means saying no en masse to all digital controls. Resist tooth and nail against digital passports, digital money. Digitally disconnect from Google, Facebook and Youtube.

Reject any violence! However, as soon as something like the devil ID 2020-060606 is going to be introduced, some sabotage of the production process can be ethically justified.

But of course the above is just a conspiracy theory and a solution direction of virus wappies. You can put everything aside with a smile. However, if it later turns out to be true and you have to apologize to your children, it is too late. Many a generation have been ashamed to explain why they were chasing the wrong leaders like a bunch of retarded Minions. This time, however, there will be no new generation that can correct it, then it is game over for humanity.











Spread the freedom!

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