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School students are going to vaccinate older people

What tricks can you use to increase the “willingness to vaccinate”?

In addition to concealing the side effects and deaths caused by the vaccinations and the deception by camouflaging that the vaccine is completely unnecessary, you have (underage) students vaccinating the people. You heard right. Young people vaccinating the elderly. Not that these students shouldn't learn how to administer a vaccine. That is part of their training. But it's the propaganda at work here. This vaccine must and will be taken by everyone.


The psychology behind this is that children cannot be seen as murderers. In this way, the government hopes for an effect that will convince people. Many people view medics and health workers who administer vaccines as jointly responsible and themselves guilty of manslaughter or murder. You don't do that with children. At least, that's their reasoning. That's how far they are willing to go.

An additional advantage is that this generation is being prepared a bit more for their New Normal, Build Back Bettter, Great Reset future.

Continue to repeat that the willingness to vaccinate is extremely high. To give people the feeling that they are an exception. It works the same with the political polls. People tend not to go with the “losers”.

But a poll by NH-News shows the reality:

Click on the image and you can vote yourself.



The willingness in the Netherlands is also according to Hugo de Jonge "Korean" and "very high" 

Let it be clear: These people are not afraid of anything. Get rid of the idea that “that doesn't happen in the Netherlands”. These are sick people under severe pressure from their superiors who will push the globalist agenda through it.

Here again the short fragment in which hugo de Jonge shows who he really is and what is really going on.


The same kind of trick was tried in Zwolle at the time when we still had to be taught to obey the XNUMX meter distance rule.

Children were sent to the streets as BOAs. And you can't do anything against children. It is difficult to get a story when a 9-year-old child points out that you have to keep a distance of five feet.


Children's BOAs in Zwolle as enforcers of corona measures


The VVD shamelessly supports all this propaganda. It is part of their agenda.

Ask yourself: Why?

Read this:

VVD election promise: compulsory vaccination or exclusion of children


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