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Summarized information for teachers on facts about masks - Corona at school

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Summarized Information on Facemask Facts - Corona at School

Dear teachers,

We think it is important that you are aware of RIVM Corona figures regarding the age group of the students, parents and teachers, the effect of the masks and which potential legal and health risks there are masks at play.

This is good basic knowledge that you and your colleagues can use to support the correct Corona policy within your school / training institution.

We have the videos for you (4 x 30 seconds) and the  7 graphs in the appendix briefly summarized.

Almost all information is based on the figures of the RIVM

Face mask, carbon dioxide and legal standards

RIVM refers to IFA (Instituts für Arbeitsschutz der DGUV) for the limit values ​​for carbon dioxide. IFA indicates that more than 0,2% (2000 ppm) is unacceptable and that absolute (ventilation or construction) measures must be taken. Air inhaled behind the mask has inside 1 minute approx. 3% (30.000 ppm) carbon dioxide.
Own practice mouth masks test; Within 10 seconds, an alarm will go off for Carbon dioxide security employee.

A mouth mask therefore ensures that the inhaled air approx 15 times the exceeds legal limit% Carbon dioxide. This is a rough indication.

Employers have a legal duty to ensure that the inhaled air meets the legal standards set.

Lockdown archive does not know if parents and / or teachers can hold you legally liable. There are schools and sports clubs that require masks while WHO says there is no scientific evidence that the masks limit or stop the spread of Coronavirus. 

See WHO position in the appendix. 

RIVM writes that the literature * is not unambiguous about the effect of wearing non-medical face masks in public places

Schools are responsible for creating a situation where the legal percentage standards are carbon dioxide of the inhaled air are exceeded by approx. 15x. These legal standards are based on health risks.

On the website RIVM topic “Indoor environment in schools and children's centers” this is stated at te little ventilation in classrooms complaints such as odor nuisance, eye irritation, headaches and more than normal fatigue can occur. In the School Regulations 1200 ppm (0,12%) is taken as the minimum quality.

Does the oxygen level in the blood change when wearing a mouth mask?

Initially, the body works harder to get enough oxygen to get the blood. So higher heart rate (practical test after walking 500 meters 20% higher heartbeat). Medical specialists can provide you with better information about this.

Government policy with regard to schools and associations

The Dutch government only has masks for public transport

made mandatory. In Dutch hospitals, visitors and patients

no masks worn. There is no mouth masks obligation for schools and associations

Summary of attached videos and videos regarding impact Corona

Click HERE for the videos

Impact Corona on people over 65

  • On average 94% of the Corona deaths in the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden are older than 65 years.
  • 94% of these Corona deaths had one or more underlying diseases. 6% were healthy.
  • At present, the average age of a corona death is 82 years

Impact Corona on the parents and teacher group; between 25 and 65 years old

  • 6% of the corona deaths in the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden were 25 to 65 years old.
  • 87% of these corona deaths had one or more underlying diseases.
  • In this In the “Corona” period, approx. 5900 people (25-65 years) die in the Netherlands, of which approx. 2790 people from cancer en 359 persons to Corona. Of these 359 Corona deaths, 309 people had 1 or more underlying diseases.

Impact Corona on pupils from 0 to 24 years old

  • In this “Corona” period of 6 months, total died in The Netherlands 401
    young people aged 0-24 years, of which 40 young people from cancer, 25 road deaths and 1 death with a Corona positive test.

Basic political decisions

  • in March, based on RIVM information, “5% death rate” and “14% seriously ill”.
  • in June, based on RIVM information, “0,34% IC and deaths” and “1,5% hospital”.
    Terminology has been adapted by RIVM.
  • From mid-July to the present, politicians have used the increasing numbers of “positive tests” as the basis for their political policies. For two months there have been many positive tests and there have been no changes in the minimum number of hospital admissions and deaths with or as a result of Corona in the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden (see Chart).
  • The current mortality rate is 0,2%. That is almost the same with the flu with 0,16%.



The “positive-test-Period” 1 July to 21 September 2020

  • Approximately 33.000 (CBS 2019) Dutch people died in this period, of which 161 people with / due to Corona, of which approximately 90% were already ill.
  • On average, 416 people die per day (source CBS 2019), of which 2,7 people kill corona per day.
  • During this period, an under-mortality is reported.

Graph number of deaths:

Deported in time from various countries with no, mild or strict lockdown

Click here for the graphs:

The graph shows that all countries go through the same curve, it is a similar curve to that of those who have a severe flu.

These RIVM and WHO facts could lead to new politics and “school” policy in both the Netherlands and Belgium. Sweden has shown that it can be done differently and which one comparable figures make it. 

We hope that we have been able to contribute to your knowledge regarding Lockdown, Corona and mouth masks.

Yours faithfully,

Team Lockdown Archive







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