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Is Thierry Baudet RADICALIZED?

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I see everything and everyone who sincerely want to fight as an ally. Even if it's Antifa.

I say that because the target is getting blacker and whiter. And the supporters who stand for that goal too.

You see that the government has declared war on you or you don't.

Looking back is pointless. We live in the now, everyone who now sees that this will actually be the battle of our lives and wants to fight it with integrity, I shake hands.

The entire nation is the ultimate target. So all of us. Your ideals of life are meaningless when there is no more free future. This is not politics. This is not about opinions. This is about our survival as free people. The basis for everyone's life.

We know the history books. See how people through their goodness, naivety and impossible made possible. We won't let that happen again.

May the FvD continue to radicalize quickly. And the people too.

Freedom is our right. It's what we live for. Sleeping giant, arise.


Summer essay: RADICALIZED?

Am I “radicalized”? That's what people have been saying lately. The newspapers write it down, the commentators copy it. My views would have become “more extreme”. The course of FVD is said to have “changed.” But is that really so? I don't recognize myself in that at all.

I still think the same about immigration from Africa and the Middle East: I am against it. When it comes to the priceless and nonsensical climate plans, the euro, the EU or the inevitability of a NEXIT, nothing has changed. The positions on taxes, referendums and modern architecture have also been stable for years.

The wrath of the cartel

Yet the criticism of our party has intensified. The attacks become more vicious, the accusations go more in the direction of 'being derailed' than 'disagreeing'. But I think all this has nothing to do with the above main topics. It's about corona. Never before has the pressure to keep up with any social issue has been so great as it is today on this theme. Who dares to go against the mainstream gets rid of the ridicule and frenzy of cartel politics, big pharma and big tech, opinion makers, cartoonists, fashionable media followers, etc.

But in fact our party has kept its course on every theme. FVD has the most defined party program there is: only we have our ideas in more than 12 books written, elaborated, further developed. Just ask the CDA or VVD! However, since a year and a half a new, unforeseen situation has indeed arisen (purely and for that reason alone, even if the idea of ​​a 'different course' is also nonsensical: there was no course at all on this theme that did not exist until the beginning of 2020!). That new situation, that new theme: it is all-important at the moment. All the anger, all the criticism is about our stance on the Chinese virus.

What exactly are the facts?

  • Covid-19 has a mortality of between 0,15 and 0,30 percent. That is comparable to a severe seasonal flu.
  • The disease course of Covid-19 is a bit different from that of Influenza, which means that relatively more people have to rely on care. But healthcare is easy to scale up, so that doesn't have to be a big problem either.
  • We have no idea how the 'vaccines' work. Statistical data are not or hardly available. Reports of side effects are worrisome. And long-term effects on individual recipients as well as on the development of new mutations are completely unknown.
  • PCR tests are unsuitable for determining contamination – let alone contagiousness. And contamination in itself is insufficient to determine danger (after all: the vast majority of infected people, 99.9 percent, hardly notice anything or just get better after a week in bed).


None of these facts about Corona are controversial or questionable. The above is all based on official figures and general observations.

What we also know in the meantime:

  • That despite the limited mortality of Covid-19, extremely drastic measures have been introduced almost everywhere in the world (and are still being introduced, for example Australia - despite a high 'vaccination rate' - is now back in lockdown). They are measures that have never even been in our history considered. Not even in war situations, during the plague, cholera, etc.
  • That the positive effect of these measures – insofar as there is any – in no way outweighs the adverse effects, such as loss of life years due to economic decline, depression, social isolation, lack of freedom. According to research by the Dutch government itself (!) the lockdown in our country alone has cost more than 520.000 qualitative years of life.
  • That the fear of “overload in care” was used almost everywhere to justify the lockdowns, but that capacity was never structurally increased anywhere (for example, the number of IC beds in the Netherlands was recently increased even further). lowered!).
  • That despite the limited effectiveness and risks of the vaccines, extreme pressure is exerted almost everywhere to take those vaccines anyway, up to the threat of complete social isolation if these experimental injections are refused.
  • And that PCR tests continue to be used as a single and comprehensive criterion for threat level, while they cannot measure contamination (let alone contagiousness) – in fact, the US drug watchdog has now even developed the PCR test. rejected.

So the story doesn't make sense. But why is all this happening? What's going on? As always, there are two potential explanations. On the one hand: stupidity, mass psychosis, group think, complete brain-death in politics; or on the other hand a plan, an intention, a deeper agenda. We do not have the definitive answer (and perhaps both are true at the same time – and the somewhat lower political figures, people like Rutte and De Jonge, are indeed in good faith in their silliness, but the somewhat higher figures in the global happening are certainly with an underlying thought).

This is now known:

  • That a large number of world leaders, heads of government, UN bosses, EU lobbyists, etc. have all explicitly said that a “new normal” is desirable.
  • That the "old normal" will never come back and that corona means a "transition" to a new world order, a new society.
  • That they want humanity to soon merge with high-tech, and that washing machines, refrigerators, cars and computers are all start responding directly to the user's state of mind (via communication with an inserted chip, 5G connection, etc.).
  • That a new internet is needed that can only be accessed by the user's biometric data (and therefore no longer by a password or the IP address of a computer), making semi-mandatory vaccination also a semi-mandatory access requirement to the use of the Internet.
  • That these corona lockdowns and these vaccines are a first step towards a world in which regular, mandatory vaccinations and, for example, also climate lockdowns will be the order of the day.
  • That private property will slowly disappear in favor of a more collectivist economy. Our thoughts will eventually no longer be private to the systems that will soon regulate our lives, and both 'hate speech' as a 'fake news' checks will further intensify the already growing censorship.

Fata ducunt volentem, nolentem trahunt. In other words: what many may not want, they will nevertheless make possible thanks to their compliant, shrugging attitude in this situation. Because you don't have to zoom out far to see what's about to happen. What global players, billionaires, futurists, power-hungry people have dreamed of for decades — a centrally governed world, transhumanism, total control — has suddenly become within reach due to an initial panic about a New Virus.

Corona within the big picture: The Attack on the Nation State

And the attack on the nation-state, immigration, the climate plans, the EU – it all fits seamlessly into this alley. Corona could become the crowbar to take the last step. That is exactly how it is seen by Klaus Schwab and countless others: a 'unique opportunity'. A 'window' to reshape the world. Immigration and transnationalism have weakened the sovereign community; the climate programs can centralize the economy; and corona (and the LGBTQ story, the Black-Lives movement, the quota discourse) now opens the way to transhumanism (flanked by transgenderism, transnationalism, the transition event in short) where we are currently still via injections, but soon of course via a chip, can be fully checked, controlled, standardized and manipulated.

So am I. radicalized? I've stayed exactly the same. I have the same ideals and love for our country, our civilization and the 19th century vision of culture and politics as last year and the year before and before and before. The world has become more radical. We are in the midst of a global struggle for freedom, in which utterly irrational, unfettered coercion is employed — behind which may very well be an equally radical, global program to put aside humanity as we know it, life as we know it, and create an entirely new , The Matrix-like control society, run from global centers, with semi-mandatory, implanted chips that regulate and sanction life (including access to, and use of, the Internet).

No “conspiracy”

Again, I am not making this up myself. This is not a vague 'theory'; it's all in the books these people publish themselves. They discuss it explicitly in their speeches. They write reports in which they praise, elaborate, pre-chew all this. And of course it is also possible – theoretically – that their ideas merely accidentally coincide with current events. That Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, etc., all those billionaires and global players, are all "barking at the moon," as the naive (or devious?) Bolkestein once said about Euro-federalists.

Of course, all this may "never come to that," as my moderate friends keep telling themselves. Or what may also be the case: that all those national politicians, commentators and academics do not see this agenda and perhaps do not even want it, but that they will help it to come about anyway – after all, that's how it went with the EU. For years I warned about the consequences of the plans. But VVD members scornfully exclaimed that the euro would not be used for a transfer union. Eurobonds are now a fact and we pay via negative interest rates and extremely increased house prices for printing euros that are supposed to finance the debts in the South.

So is the plan, is it stupidity — and who cares? It happens, we have to stop it. Freedom must be returned. The lockdowns, the vaccination compulsion, the 'QR society': we must not let this happen. And if we really can't get around that word, let's be 'radical for freedom'. Radical for the rights, the ratio, the restrictions on state power!

Radical! From the radix, the root: the heart of the matter. Alright then. That's FVD!

- Thierry Baudet.


Spread the freedom!

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