Summer perspective? About Immunity and Vaccines

“Up to April, 351 deaths had already been reported in the Netherlands after vaccination, 26 of which were under the age of 65.”

The figures, now more than 2 months later, are not yet known.

This is from the newsletter of the Foundation Doctors Covid Collective

Summer perspective? About Immunity and Vaccines

It's summer!

Summer seems to have started. You feel the relaxation. Some of us feel it because of the nice weather and some because they are happy to have been vaccinated. You notice around you that the holiday plans are slowly becoming more exotic and it seems as if our old freedom is beckoning.

As with all figures and news items of recent months, it is important to keep looking and looking for perspective.

In this newsletter we offer a number of insights that may influence your perspective. In addition, of course, an update on our activities.

Healthy people do NOT make each other sick!


We are happy to share this video explaining how virus transmission works, 'Healthy people don't make each other sick!' (share, share, share!)

Because did you know that you have billions of viruses on and in your body?

They are all around us and that's a good thing.

People cannot live without viruses. Viruses help us stay healthy. Our immune system becomes stronger by coming into contact with viruses. In this video we explain the difference between 'disease transfer' and 'non-disease transfer'.

There has been a lot of reaction to this video on LinkedIn, which casts doubt on the content and thus the expertise of the Doctors Collective. Critics say, for example, that no viruses LIVE ON your body. That's right, host cells are needed for proliferation/life.

We do not say that they live there, but that viruses ARE on your body.

We try to respond to comments as much as possible, but we are often short of hands. If you are (medically educated and) like to support on LinkedIn. Let us know!

Important studies

Below we focus on a number of important study results regarding protection against (serious) Covid-19 infections, by building up a natural defense system or by getting a vaccine.

Infection comparable protection to vaccine

From the Dutch Journal of Medicine, June 4: “The researchers conclude that a Covid-19 infection offers comparable protection to the vaccines that are currently being rolled out. In addition, they found no evidence that the number of reinfections increased due to the 'British variant'. Source: Dutch Journal of Medicine and the original article from The Lancet, April 20.

Lifetime Immunity

More encouraging is that there is growing evidence that lifelong protection can arise after a Covid-19 infection, as described by the authors of two Nature articles. (read more about this)

Vaccine protection and risks

If the current vaccines were proven safe, also in the medium and long term, then a broader voluntary vaccination campaign also among non-risk groups might be understandable. Especially if it were shown that you can no longer infect others through vaccination, or that herd immunity would arise. However, that data is not (yet) available. Safety data for more than a few months after vaccination are also missing.

A report has been issued from the Side effect center Lareb on the 94 reported deaths after vaccination in the first eight weeks of the campaign in January and February. Now a death after vaccination is not automatically caused by the vaccination, but since we still know so little about the disadvantages of the vaccinations, this type of information must be handled very carefully.

Up to April, 351 deaths had already been reported in the Netherlands after vaccination, of which 26 were under the age of 65.

The Doctors Collective emphasizes the need to exercise restraint in vaccinating groups for whom the risk of a serious Covid-19 infection is small, such as people under the age of 70 and people outside the known risk groups.

If, as not belonging to the risk group, you are still considering getting vaccinated to reduce the chance of a serious Covid-19 infection (there is no other reason for the time being, except, strangely enough, the desire to go on holiday can), then it is important:
– know how much protection the vaccines give you,
– know your individual chance of contracting a serious Covid-19 infection;
– and compare this with the (as yet unknown) chance of damage that the vaccines could give you.
The Lancet recently published an interesting commentary on the effectiveness of the vaccines. This and other articles are covered in a new piece about the effects of the vaccines. More about this…

Vaccinate children? Beware!

The pressure to vaccinate increasingly younger people and even children is also increasing. We would like to strongly warn that there is clear evidence that vaccinating non-risk groups could be more harmful than the risk of getting a Covid-19 infection. For example, the package insert for the Pfizer vaccine shows that vaccinated children between the ages of 12 and 16 had a 0,4% chance of serious side effects (including death). (see page 27 of pdf).

The above information can come across as violent, and is emphatically not intended to shock. It is a different, and perhaps inconvenient point of view to look at the current vaccination campaign. Due to the great degree of uncertainty, especially about the side effects and the actual usefulness of the current vaccines per age group, we think this is very important to draw attention to. Our goal remains to carefully collect data, to communicate openly about it and to closely monitor developments.


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