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Sweden - Oldies evicted from apartment for asylum seekers

In 48 flats in Stockholm, the elderly were evicted from their flat to reopen it shortly afterwards for news arrived asylum seekers who otherwise had no room.

Last week asylum seekers and migrants were allowed to have their own and keep to Dianagarden to live in Stockholm.

Dianagården was a residence housing the elderly. They were recently evicted because "the toilets were 5 centimeters too narrow to meet the standards," said the newspaper FriaTider. (source)

For those who think that these are really old buildings where the elderly could no longer live safely and qualitatively.

It is a neat residence where the people lived happily and without problems. Most of the people had to take care of themselves through family or help to find another suitable home.




















The toilets have not been adapted after the expulsion of the Swedish elderly. From now on it is simply an asylum seekers' center, but without any proper form of control.

According to many Swedish media outlets, even non-alternative media outlets, the politicians have simply framed this excuse as a “violation of the norms” in order to go ahead with their plans to house the migrants here and throw out their own elderly.

While many Swedes are furious about what happened here, politicians continue to say that this action “contributes to integration” and “is a good thing”. (source)

These were the literal words of Andrea Ström from Moderata samlingspartite. So the so-called middle party.

Since the migration crisis in 2015, Sweden has taken in more migrants on average per inhabitant than any other country in Europe.

As a result, the number of rapes and robberies is alarmingly increasing and the larger Swedish cities are short of money to provide their own Sweden with social assistance.

Swedish Dangerous Prime Minister - "No Connection Between Immigration and Rising Crime!"

In the big cities, the municipality is cutting back enormously on help for the elderly and other social care in order to be able to receive and pay for the migrants.(source)

The situation in Sweden is SO SERIOUS Denmark has introduced additional border control (source) on the border with sweltering left Sweden. And then we talk about the criminal government of this country, not the population.

In October the former director of Scania already warned about one civil war. Source: Sweden on its way to civil war.

It is to be hoped, and it would be fair, that all these ministers in Europe who promote and support this flow of migration and implement these idiotic plans, will one day have to justify themselves for treason and some form of genocide against their own population.

It's to throw up. And we are in exactly the same boat in the Netherlands. It is only a matter of a few years “behind” Sweden.

The Netherlands wake up !!

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