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Swedish government cases

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The Swedish government, which ruled as a minority, has fallen after a conflict with a party tolerating rents. The opposition had therefore tabled a motion of no confidence, which was passed on Monday.

Social Democrat Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and his team of ministers now have a week to resign, which could pave the way for the parliament speaker to get parties to form a new coalition. If Prime Minister Löfven does not resign, new elections will have to be held.

The opposition has backed the vote of no confidence out of frustration with Prime Minister Löfven's party plans to allow homeowners to charge market rates for new rental apartments.

Under Swedish government rules, the country could be without a new government for weeks or months. The recent elections in Sweden, which included the right-wing Sweden Democrats, gained strong support among Swedish voters, resulting in a sharp rebuke of the ruling left-wing globalist government that has ruled Sweden for many years.

In the newly elected parliament, a left-wing coalition and a moderate (by Swedish standards) coalition have nearly equal representation and neither currently has the votes to form a new government.

In order to form a government, one of these blocs will likely have to strike a deal with the growing Sweden Democrats. However, there is a problem. Both sides have promised not to do this. If a governing coalition cannot be formed, Sweden will eventually have to hold elections again.

Perhaps a hint of things to come can be seen in the fact that the moderate coalition and the Sweden Democrats acted as allies to topple the current government.

The most recent poll has Sweden Democrats at 20 percent, with the Social Democratic Workers' Party at 25 percent. Löfven's party fears that if new elections are held, the Sweden Democrats will become the biggest, which would be a hard blow to the Swedish globalists.

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