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Syrian Sakka, who receives € 50.000 from Dutch celebrities, has been summoned for assaulting a 16-year-old girl next door

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The Syrian asylum seeker who is the center of the Heerlen riot has recently been summoned himself mishandeling of a 16-year-old girl.

The man, Mohammed Sakka, is said to have hit the girl on September 12, causing her to bruise ribs.

The 16-year-old lives in the neighborhood, but does not belong to the neighboring family that Sakka has been in for months dislike lived.

This confirms Sakka's lawyer Gita Biesmans.

The Syrian should have appeared before the police judge in Maastricht on September 30. But that session was adjourned. A new date has not yet been announced.

The incident on September 12 arose because of a scooter by the 16-year-old's brother that Sakka said was in the way.

When he pushed it away with a pram, the girl protested, after which she became beaten, the indictment said.

Sakka has denied during the police interview and later opposite de Limburger.

Recently, a protracted argument between Sakka and his neighbors Lee and Ramona escalated.

In mid-November, after all kinds of harassment, a firework bomb was dropped against Sakka's house by strangers, after which he went into hiding in Belgium.

Videos in which the Dutch neighbors were cheating accused went viral and caused disturbances around the houses.

Those neighbors, Lee and Ramona, also fled their homes.

Sakka and his family caused a lot of nuisance and he harassed women and children.

Both parties now receive support from allies.

Member of Parliament Kunahan Kuzu (DENK) openly and actively supports the Syrian.

Kuzu went to visit Sakka and posted pictures of it on his Facebook.

"It is inconceivable that you flee from a war zone and that you end up in an even bigger war," says Kuzu.

'There are no two sides to the story! This Syrian family deserves our support and the protection of the authorities, ”thinks DENK.

Kuzu has started a toy campaign for the Syrian children. People can hand in things at the DENK party office in The Hague.

Various attention-seeking Dutch celebrities have already started donation campaigns for the antisocial Sakka family, of which the counter is the € 50.000 has already been well passed.

Some promotions are now shut down, because Sakka, that assistance enjoy, get in trouble with the tax authorities or social services.

The Islamic interest group Muslim Rights Watch, which Sakka supports is authorized to coordinate, guide and realize the receipt of the funds, according to a document.

A donation campaign has now also been started for Ramona and Lee, since their home is invaded, destroyed en cleared out by enraged Muslims who supposedly wanted to 'help' Mohammed Sakka, after all the over-exposure and incorrect racism claims from the Dutch journal.

The Heerlense rapper DC and vlogger brother Bob in a video that 'half of the Netherlands there like sheep at the back runs'because Ramona and Lee are said to be racists according to the mainstream media.

The Muslims in the Netherlands are being lied to in this case. Both parties now deserve a rest.


Help Lee and Ramona


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