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Sywert van Lienden a psychopath?

Sywert van Lienden a psychopath?

The Ministry of Hugo the Terrible donated Sywert van Lienden millions extra for mouth masks.

Sywert van Lienden a psychopath?

The Ministry of Hugo the Terrible donated Sywert van Lienden millions extra for mouth masks. Why is unclear.
Quite a few people read these kinds of messages, shake their heads and, at the most, speak shame about them.
This implies that such a thing does not stand alone, that many comparable deals are being concluded. Had not Minister Hugo de Jonge also recently lost more than 5 billion? Spends untraceable corona expenses, or items whose receipts have been forgotten to include. Will the minister get away with stating that all this took place under stress and heavy workload? Surely.

After all, the cabinet has already fallen and will never fall twice. Mr. Hugo is also seen by his professional colleagues as indispensable in the fight against flying windmill blades. Of course Mark Rutte knows nothing about it; look at his ever-expanding pointy nose where the word Alzheimer is conspicuously tattooed longitudinally.

Mind you, our parliament is expected to critically assess the ministers, but has allowed itself to be silenced. Not only recently because of the compulsory wearing of a mouth mask, but because of the long-established strangling fraction discipline. Standing up against your own ministers from the coalition that is now dissolving is, in the long term, tantamount to something like a lost position: an ineligible place on the next electoral list.

All members of parliament of the now ruling quartet of parties are trampling each other in order to be able to secure a place of honor on the plush in the coming, but oh so difficult to form cabinet. In that case, self-interest prevails over the suffocating party interest. The concept of national interest has yet to be googled there. Collectively they cannot even spell the true word 'democracy'.

What does Sywert have to do with this? Well probably a lot. And if that's right, we know how it works in the frequently visited backyards of the Binnenhof.

Let me first come back to my previous article about psychopaths and the interview of Sander Compagner with Jan Storms in the most recent De Andere Krant. Storms states (and this has been confirmed elsewhere) that at least 21% of (company) leaders are unscrupulous, or simply psychopaths. That is more than 1 in 5.
Elsewhere in the Other Newspaper, Tjeerd Andringa claims that people at the top are no good. That most reach the top because they are blackmailable, or are being blackmailed on the way there.

Fill this in for Sywert. A talent at a very young age within the student union LAKS, now a prominent member of the CDA with smooth and well-stretched facial features. Therefore, the deal allegedly carried out pro bono by Sywert for the state for the outside world has apparently accidentally earned him € 13 million. It has been reported that it could be as high as 30 million.

If this had been kept under wraps, the stakeholders involved would have hooked Sywertje. Then, as a future Member of Parliament or minister, he would be in the hands of the VVD and CDA elite.
Partly for this reason, the lack of qualitative investigative journalism is so poignant. Too many of comparable cases pass through the gagged chambers, without the facts being revealed. Facts in which unscrupulous, blackmailable ignorants can slither to great heights.

Now these kinds of facts must be exposed by eg Follow The Money. That is why magazines such as De Andere Krant, OPN and Goede Verstand have so much added value. Café Weltschmerz, A War Already Lost and Alwareness will also come up with shocking revelations.

But in spite of all the revelations, if we do not structurally tackle the state system with the MSM associated with it, nothing will change. The existing system invites bad people and psychopaths to dysfunction. You really cannot change wrong people, but a (political) system can be changed in such a way that these kinds of upstarts do not get any more opportunities. An upstart is a 'successful' person, who of humble origins, without any civilization, has become enormously rich. There is an alternative: 'The Alternative State System', where parties serving, representatives of the people do represent the people and where party political appointments (ministers, mayors, judges, etc.) no longer occur.

Had FTM not discovered this shadowy deal with perhaps a tip of a sloppy 30 million, Sywert could become Minister of Doubtful Affairs with conviction in 4 years. Then he could have made policy at the expense of the population in the interest of his blackmailers and therefore also in self-interest.

CDA, right, Mr Van Lienden? With a capital C if I'm not mistaken?

Rients Hofstra

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