Alternative social media. Who knows them and what are your experiences?

As we mentioned before, we are saying goodbye to most (and ultimately all) “traditional” social media. We follow NineforNews in that regard. They've been away from those miserable companies for over a month. Will that cost readers? In the beginning, yes. This also means that (share) buttons are gone. With these buttons, […]

Donald Trump is suing Google, Twitter and Facebook

Donald Trump sues Google, Twitter and Facebook President Donald Trump, who was removed from Twitter and Facebook earlier this year, just announced class action lawsuits against Google, Twitter, Facebook and their SEOs. A class action, called a representative action or group action in Dutch, is a form of lawsuit in which a large group of people […]

Former Clinton Advisor Naomi Wolf Banned From Twitter For Criticizing Covid19 Vaccines

Former Clinton adviser Naomi Wolf banned from Twitter for criticizing covid19 vaccines Twitter shared in a statement to The Hill that Wolf's account has been permanently suspended due to repeated violations of their policy on disinformation about COVID-19. (source) Naomi Wolf had over 140.000 followers. Who decides what disinfo is? Everyone for himself […]

Social media manager and other employees wanted!

Dear readers, We are looking for one or more people who really enjoy being active on social media almost every day and want to become our social media manager. This is to make our social media pages a fun place where people hang out, communicate and where our social media […]

Series 'Building' Next up: WAPPIEZ Social

Wappiez Social

Last week we announced the new Wappiez concept to be built. In the coming period we will go through the 12 different parts of the Dutch social media platform, to see what exactly those parts embrace and why there is a need for it at the moment. The first one we start with is Wappiez […]

Donald Trump: Bigtech should be punished for mass censorship

Trump speaks in Orlando at The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Florida. One of the states without masks, social distancing and other nonsense measures, but with a thriving economy, the lowest unemployment and happy people. Also read: A beautiful video from Orlando, Florida with Trump supporters speaking on a beautiful sunny day

Facebook abuses advertisements from EU institutions and governments

Facebook abuses advertisements from EU institutions and governments According to POLITICO's analysis, the social network giant has mislabeled messages from public services as political advertisements. Data shows governments rely on Facebook to reach voters | According to a POLITICO review, Facebook has stacks of ads from European Union institutions and European governments […]

Donald Trump is considering his own social media platform

Senior adviser to former President Donald Trump, Jason Miller, said on Saturday that Trump is deciding how to reappear on social media, including considering whether to create his own platform. "I expect we will see the President appear on social media soon," Miller told Breitbart News Saturday. (source) “Whether it concerns […]

Hungary imposes sanctions on social media

HUNGARY SANCTIONS FOR BIGTECH Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga on Monday raised the prospect of sanctioning social media companies for what she called “systematic abuse” of freedom of expression. The minister said she would meet with the Hungarian competition watchdog this week to discuss possible sanctions for what she described as unfair trade practices, […]

Parler is suing Amazon for violating antitrust laws

Social media company Parler today sued Amazon for violating antitrust laws and their contractual agreement. The company, which was taken offline by Amazon on Monday morning, asked a federal judge in Washington state to dismiss Amazon's discontinuation of Parler services. Amazon hosts Parler. Parler argued that the step of […]

Senate interviews Facebook and Twitter CEOs

The censorship of Twitter, YouTube, Google and Facebook is so shameless that we are no longer surprised. While Big Tech has easily dodged regulation for years, the days of avoiding the Congressional spotlight are clearly over. When van Haga was surprised last week, his video in which he expressed his opinion about […]

Trump vs. Biden: The state of affairs in America

Donald Trump vs. Big Techs Prediction? No President will be elected or re-elected in the coming days or weeks. This is going to take months. We will be taken into the adventure of Donald Trump and his loyal following of 70 million Americans who yearn for a normal life the way we do. An adventure in which we […]

Café Weltschmerz banned from YouTube for 1 week

Café Weltschmerz also on edge at YouTube For the time being, posting is not allowed for a week. The people of Café Weltschmerz cannot communicate this via YouTube because they also close the possibility to communicate with the supporters through the Community. We have been asked to post this video and of course we will respond. This […]

Boys sold for a few bucks to pedos circling around Youth Care

Underage boys from youth institutions are recruited for sexual abuse by adult men. They are even picked up at the door at institutions such as Woodbrookers in Friesland. 'There are several dozen signals from several parties that indicate that underage young people are being withdrawn from legal authority. That they are pressured into sexually transgressive behavior […]

TikTok sold to the 1% elite, Beijing refuses to transfer source code

Chinese company ByteDance rejects Microsoft's offer and sells TikTok to Oracle. At least if Beijing cooperates. Microsoft's offer to buy TikTok's US operations has been rejected by ByteDance, the Chinese owner of the TikTok platform. The American computer giant Microsoft announced this local time on Sunday evening. Bytedance has struck a deal […]

What is Truth?

It's quite hard. Everyone has their own truths, sometimes from experience, sometimes read or heard, or developed themselves by thinking logically. Fortunately, this dilemma is not only of today. Once, over 100 years ago, Mark Twain already said that you would not be informed if you did not read newspapers (then […]

Double standard in court

Last Tuesday, two social media users appeared in court. Their crime: Offensive posts / tweets on social media, following the live broadcast of Keti Koti in 2017. The broadcast provoked a lot of anger and posts. Some posts were reported. Of the many reports, the Public Prosecution chose to prosecute 7, […]