Alternative social media. Who knows them and what are your experiences?

As we mentioned before, we are saying goodbye to most (and ultimately all) “traditional” social media. We follow NineforNews in that regard. They've been away from those miserable companies for over a month. Will that cost readers? In the beginning, yes. This also means that (share) buttons are gone. With these buttons, […]

It has to stop NOW!

The censorship and sabotage of genuine information, information to which you are entitled, is now taking on absurd forms. As well as the lockdown and corona hoax measures that only serve to force you to participate in the genetic manipulation and poisoning of your body through the syringe terror. The regimes […]

Looking Back: Haga vs. YouTube

Blckbx and Wybren van Haga filed a lawsuit against Big Tech giant YouTube (Google) over an incorrectly removed video on election night. On March 17th we were confronted with this strange fact and the reason was “medically misleading information”. And that while the video is about censorship and the removal of videos […]

“It was never about our health. It was about eugenics and genocide.”

Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich: 'It was never about health, always about eugenics and genocide' After interviewing countless experts in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, economics and medicine, lawyer Reiner Fuellmich came to the conclusion that the 'corona pandemic' never went away. for health, but always for the destruction of small and medium-sized enterprises, and eugenics […]

Everyone wants to see this, this is about you!

Be honest with yourself. As bad as it is, it's better to know so we can live in a nice society again. "You can always fool some people, but you can't always fool all the people." Ordinary people cannot imagine that […]

I'm afraid it's getting too late...

The net is tightening and tightening and people are still docilely standing in line. Soon the moment will come when hugo tells you to remember the number of your clothes hook, so that you can quickly find your clothes again after showering. Meanwhile, the story becomes more and more […]

Donald Trump is suing Google, Twitter and Facebook

Donald Trump sues Google, Twitter and Facebook President Donald Trump, who was removed from Twitter and Facebook earlier this year, just announced class action lawsuits against Google, Twitter, Facebook and their SEOs. A class action, called a representative action or group action in Dutch, is a form of lawsuit in which a large group of people […]

This is how Facebook will shut you up within an hour

An hour ago we posted an article to warn about the experimental injections for children. That was not appreciated. It was about this article. The Facebook “fact checkers” were immediately on it… But as soon as they are on it, there is so little time for an explanation: Thank you too […]

mRNA inventor Dr. Malone at Tucker Carlson: "Vaccines not justified"

Benefits do not outweigh the risks of experimental vaccine. Last week we published an article about Dr. Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology. (source) Here on a Tucker Carlson FOX News broadcast, Dr. Malone that the disadvantages do not outweigh the benefits of taking the vaccine. And especially because […]

When knowledge is no longer desired.

Recently I had already started writing a response to a video by emeritus professor of immunology Pierre Capel. I did this in response to his worrying message in which he indicated that he would no longer make a video because of censorship terror. Of course, then something inside me broke and almost immediately […]

Are you taking the Covid vaccine after watching this video?

  A valid question for anyone watching this very good curated and animated video. This After Skool video highlights the most valid points why you should think twice before you decide to take an experimental Covid-19 injection. Have a look and decide for yourself. Thanks to the Vaccine Free Foundation for […]

Former Clinton Advisor Naomi Wolf Banned From Twitter For Criticizing Covid19 Vaccines

Former Clinton adviser Naomi Wolf banned from Twitter for criticizing covid19 vaccines Twitter shared in a statement to The Hill that Wolf's account has been permanently suspended due to repeated violations of their policy on disinformation about COVID-19. (source) Naomi Wolf had over 140.000 followers. Who decides what disinfo is? Everyone for himself […]

Twitter is once again discredited

Twitter Discredited Again The Nigerian government has ordered the country's telecommunications operators to cut off access to Twitter within its borders by June 12, after the social media giant removed/censored a post by President Muhammadu Buhari. “Our members have received formal instructions from the Nigerian Communications Commission, the industry's regulatory body, to […]

Algemeen Dagblad, an update

The journalist of the Algemeen Dagblad, who has previously written and published extensively about the recording of an incorrect cause of death of my deceased father, by the Alphen physician RJ van Rijn, has written an update on the developments in this affair. The readers of CommonSenseTV are of course all fully informed already, but […]

Wikipedia: tool for 'perception management'

Wikipedia is the popular, 'authoritative' internet encyclopedia known as objective. Wikipedia is number five of the most visited websites. Google provides this website as the first search result. However, the internet encyclopedia is not what it seems. It is precisely because of its official and reliable aura that Wikipedia is the instrument for 'perception management' in which large-scale falsification of history and character murder […]

Youtube just closes it

  Dear and highly esteemed truth-loving readers of Common Sense TV, Yesterday I received the following email from the YouTube criminal organization that worried me a lot. He disturbed me because I never received an email from these criminals simply because I never registered with this abject company. As you may also have noticed […]

TheJasperExperience # 23

TheJasperExperience # 23 During the 23rd experience show it is about the complaints about the door policy of supermarkets and not being allowed to refuse to wear a “gagball”. We are talking about YouTube of which we hear that subscriptions are canceled spontaneously so that you no longer in the timeline passes by. This week comes the tastiest […]

Science, Technology & Spirituality

By an anonymous guest writer With “Quest for Truth” as a guiding principle, Avalerion awakes publishes articles and videos about Covid-19 and associated socio-political developments from the combination of science and (Christian) faith. For example, after months of research on CSTV in early April, the 12-part documentary “Covid-19 vaccine biotechnology explained & overview new technologies and implications” […]

De Opstap in conversation with Désirée Röver

A medical research journalist with 25 years of experience in the arena of the dangers of vaccinations and life-conforming medicine does not mince words about the experimental Covid injections - which are in reality unstoppable and irreversible genetic manipulations ... The statements, views and opinions in this column are exclusively those of the author […]

“The Dutch Bank influences the freedom of the press,” says payment service employee ...

This message comes directly from the Blckbx website “The Dutch Bank influences the freedom of the press”, says payment service employee… BLCKBX was confronted with a special surprise last week. From one day to the next, payment service Mollie canceled the agreement with us, for no apparent reason. Program maker Flavio Pasquino went to tell a story and received a special lecture […]

The Jasper Experience # 20

The Jasper Experience # 20 The 20th experience is about the NEXIT and the bankrupt Schengen treaty. Can you now cross the border without identifying yourself as agreed? You will hear the German-born VVD member Klaas Dijkhoff about this. We also call Mollie Pay about their new “woke” policy. Various platforms and podcasters receive […]

What you shouldn't see from YouTube

By Avalerion Awakes The level of censorship has run out of control since the start of the Covid pandemic. So many content creators have been wiped from the YouTube domain. We know all about it, our own CommonsenseTV channel also had to believe it in October last year. Many people in the 'Truth Community' have been killed on YouTube, including David […]

Series 'Building' Next up: WAPPIEZ Social

Wappiez Social

Last week we announced the new Wappiez concept to be built. In the coming period we will go through the 12 different parts of the Dutch social media platform, to see what exactly those parts embrace and why there is a need for it at the moment. The first one we start with is Wappiez […]

Gates insider: "Vaccination turns virus into untamable monster!"

We wanted to post these Ninefornews articles earlier, but the Ddos attacks prevented us from doing so. Hereby. Gates insider: "Vaccination turns virus into untamable monster!" All 'conspiracy theories' of Professor Sucharit Bhakdi and other scientists such as Professor Dolores Cahill turn out to be correct. They are now receiving support from an unexpected source: an initiate in the vaccine world. Geert Vanden […]