Multiple terror attacks today in Christenhatend France

After the French Christian hatred this morning, in which the head of an elderly lady was chopped off in a church, by a Muslim man brought to Europe by Zionists, another hit man from Soros tried to attack police officers this afternoon with a knife in the southern French city of Avignon. . He was shot on the spot. The attacks follow the […]

Christian bashing: Burned at ancient CHRISTIAN MONASTERY in Turkey

On Saturday, August 8, a severe fire raged on the grounds of the Christian monastery Deyrulzafaran in the southeastern Turkish province of Mardin. While the fire was being extinguished, the local residents found the burnt bodies of various animals. More than a hundred precious trees were destroyed in the fire. Eyewitnesses say the fire was killed by four people […]

TALIBAN pop up in Hagia Sofia mosque in Istanbul

As if renaming the Hagia Sofia cathedral into a mosque weren't CONTROVERSIAL enough, yet another riot has broken out after Afghans unfurled a Taliban flag in the iconic building this week. ERDOGAN turns Cathedral into a Mosque The provocative images of Taliban supporters in Hagia Sofia surfaced on the Internet. The government […]

Syria is going to build a new HAGIA SOFIA cathedral in Syria with the help of Russia

Nabel Al-Abdallah, a member of a pro-government militia, received the approval of Bishop Nicola Baalbaki, the patriarch of Hama. Nabel Al-Abdallah is therefore allowed to build a new Christian Orthodox church in the city of Suqaylabiyah in the Syrian province of Hama. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made a 'political move' last month to regain his popularity among the Turks […]

NETFLIX quits gay series after Turkish Supreme Court ruling

Netflix has canceled the production of a series with a gay character in Turkey. The streaming giant failed to obtain government approval for the filming. That reported the screenwriter of the series. 'If Only' is about a disaffected married woman who is stuck with twins. She is unhappy […]

ERDOGAN turns Cathedral into a Mosque

The Hagia Sofia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will be ready to be used as a mosque in two weeks. Turkish President Erdogan is making a 'political move' to boost his popularity among the Turks again. The bad economy and corruption charges did the image of […]

Erdogan's grip on Libya is growing

In Northeast Libya, the GNA (“National Agreement”) rules a coalition of Salafi groups backed by Turkey and Qatar. The GNA receives weapons and thousands of Jihadis - escaped from Syria - who are shipping Turkey to Libya to keep its puppet state alive. Lately it seemed that the GNA […]

Turkey resumes demographic warfare against Greece

Before Europe and Turkey went into lockdown, Turkey was busy busing tens of thousands of migrants to the Greek-Turkish border. The Turks wanted to put pressure on Greece and the EU for more money, by releasing tens of thousands of young men on the European external border. Naturally, this already worked with Angela Merkel in March: […]

Turkey is causing tensions with Cyprus and Greece

The increasingly aggressive Turkish regime is causing tensions with neighboring countries Greece and Cyprus to run high. The tensions were already breaking. Turkey carried out illegal drilling practices in Cypriot waters which raised tensions very high. “The devised Turkish drill plan shows the real intentions of Ankara, which continues to expand its illegal expansion plans […]

Turkey is sending thousands of migrants back to the Greek border

According to the Greeks, Erdogan is sending thousands of migrants back to the border area between Turkey and Greece. Satellite images and secret reports from the security services show this. Weeks after the Turkish Interior Minister promised not to return migrants to the border area, that promise is apparently broken. (source) An official from […]

Hellenic Navy in highest state of readiness!

The Hellenic Navy has spotted 6 Turkish cargo ships preparing to smuggle migrants to the Greek islands. Athens is concerned that the scenario of an incident in mid-March will repeat itself. A cargo ship departing from Çanakkale in Turkey stranded in the harbor near Tzia. (source) These migrants had to go through the Greek […]

Turkey: "Migrants back to Greek border after virus crisis"

Despite the cashed-out 125 million euros that Erdogan took with him after putting Angela Merkel under pressure, things are far from over for Turkey. (source) As far as Minister Süleyman Soyilu, Minister of the Interior is concerned, the migrants are again being dropped at the Greek border to try to invade the EU. For now they are […]

Turkish government actively cooperates in attack on Greek border

The German intelligence service (BND) says that the Turkish government has deployed people (state actors) disguised as migrants to stir up the riots and even actively participate. This came up today in an article from the German Focus (source). The “actors” themselves also threw projectiles at the Greek border guards and helped with […]

Migrants horde at Greek-Turkish border disappeared

A month ago, Erdogan decided to unleash millions of migrants on the Greek borders in the hope of blackmailing Europe. Now that has partly succeeded. Aunt Angela Merkel gave “just” 125 million euros to Erdogan to “assist the migrants”. Merkel down for Erdogan: More money to Turkey But there […]

Thousands of aggressive migrants are trying to storm Greece

The aggression of thousands of migrants on the Greek border has been resumed. After a short pause in anticipation of the debate between Merkel and Erdogan, which ended up with 125 million euros more to Turkey, (source) the fight continues as usual. But despite the fact that an army of 12.000 migrants with the help of the […]

Merkel to his knees for Erdogan: More money to Turkey

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has agreed with the dangerous blackmailing Turkish dictator Erdogan to give more money to Turkey, "meant for the migrants." After the video conference between Macron, Merkel, Erdogan and Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel reported that 125.000.000 (125 million) euros is going to Turkey to “support the migrants”. (source) 25 million is for […]

Erdogan calls for Holy War against Europe

The Turkish Islamist and President, Recep Erdogan, recently gave a speech in which he called the offensive on the Greek border a Holy War and aims to reintroduce the Ottoman Empire. Erdogan wants to flood Europe with 3.6 million refugees. During the crisis on the Greek borders, people were released from Turkish prisons in exchange […]

Situation Greek-Turkish border “normal” again

Peace seems to have returned to the Greek border. For the time being… Despite the attack by 500 migrants last night (source), the situation at the Greek border is “normal” again. This does not mean that no one tries to cross the border, but the number of attempts is minimal. “The past days (Monday and Tuesday) […]

Migrants try to break the Greek border with 500 people

Last night, major disturbances broke out again at the Greek-Turkish border. About 500 young strong migrants tried to break down a border fence to enter Greece. (source) The Greeks used tear gas to stop the attack. According to the Greeks, the migrants were helped by the Turkish authorities who used tear gas. (source) The clash […]

Anti-migrant demonstrations in Serbia "Help us or we'll do it ourselves!"

Participants in an anti-migrant rally in Belgrade say that if the government does not protect the people from the migrants, they will take matters into their own hands and set up more civilian patrols. (source) “If the state cannot or does not want to protect us, we take the law into our own hands. We will carry out more civilian patrols […]

Migrants Greek border are NO REFUGEES and NO SYRIANS

Greece reports that those who entered Greece, or were already caught in their attempt, come from everywhere EXCEPT Syria. Only 4% of the migrants apprehended in Greece for trying to cross the border via Turkey are Syrians. The rest comes from various countries from North Africa and the Middle East […]

Migrants attack border police with firebombs and tear gas from Turkey

While the European Union is extremely busy not to take action, the situation on the Greek border is getting worse. Since yesterday, the battle has become even more intense. The migrants attack the Greek border guards and civilians with burning Molotiv cocktails. Massive! A border fence has burned down completely. (source) The situation has nothing to do with refugees. […]

Dries van Langenhove visits the Greek border: No women and children here!

“Believe me, you really don't see women or children here. Here are thousands of angry young men alone. ” Vlaams Belang parliamentarians Dries Van Langenhove and Tom Vandendriessche were in Greece until Wednesday, near the border post where tens of thousands of migrants try to enter the country. Sceptr reported on Dries's interview .. “What we see here is […]

Erdogan calls Europeans Fascists but spreads fake news himself

Recep Tayyip Erdogan from Ankara calls the Greeks and other Europeans who don't want migrants fascists. Who's going to make this man sing a tune down? In any case, the EU is not. It seems that there are only countries individually standing up to help counter this dictator and protect the borders. We […]

Erdogan laughs at Brussels and continues to threaten

As we mentioned earlier, the negotiations between Erdogan and the European Union have failed. The beautiful words for the stage and for the press are a smoke screen. Nothing happens. The dictator is in control. Erdogan didn't even bother to hold a press conference afterwards. All the beautiful words that the […]