HU (a) WEY SOON BEING DIGITALLY BANNED AND MAYBE WORSE. Twitter is doing it, Facebook is doing it, Youtube is doing it, Mainstream Media is doing it, Censoring and removing news coverage, and even completely disabling (only digital for now) people who throw anything of CommonSense into battle against today's madness. And then […]

Ban has always existed.

Do you remember the time when "the people" wanted to hear something other than being fed? DO YOU SEE SOME COMPARISONS WITH THE PRESENT? Radio pirates play with lives: 'Suddenly André Hazes sounded in the cockpit' The ship of the pirate transmitter Radio Veronica stranded in Scheveningen, 7 April 1973 Image Wikimedia Commons The last radio amateurs show […]

No more going to concerts or football without a vaccine

This video explains why the media doesn't want to talk about anything and frantically censors every sound other than the sound of the WHO. There is always a reason why something gets censored. Then dare to ask yourself: Why is this being censored? Jerome Adams is an American anesthetist and vice admiral at the […]