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Kaag and trust

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Trust no one, at most yourself. But even the latter is virtually impossible in the case of Sigrid Kaag.

Earlier this week, Kaag admitted to not trusting anyone, except her family and some close friends. I would advise them not to repay this trust in the same coin. It is no coincidence that Kaag is just a member of D66, where the D is accidentally capitalized, because it actually stands for simply turning. And people who turn up to their adage are a priori just not to be trusted.

Well, people who trust others quite easily are described as naive, perhaps a bit stupid. An idealistic basic attitude and based on the goodness in people apparently do not surface with people like Kaag when it comes to trust in “the fellow man”.

'If you trust others quickly, you can often be trusted yourself', says René Diekstra. Something along the lines of an innkeeper and all his guests? This therefore says something, no, a lot about Kaag.

After all, Draai66 party leader Kaag answered with conviction to the question of Geert Wilders whether she still trusted Mark Rutte, that she considered her husband, her family and a few friends to be the exceptions in this regard. Diekstra found this shocking. To come to such a conclusion, you do not need to have studied psychologically.

According to the formerly quite plagiarizing expert, people who in principle are inclined to trust others are absolutely no less intelligent than distrusters. This would appear from an IQ test. Nor are they immediately more susceptible to suggestions, which one would expect, but significantly happier than those who expect ghosts, lies and/or deception behind everything that moves.

So why is Sigrid Kaag so suspicious if she is known as reasonably intelligent and does not run an inn? Does it indeed belong to the last of the Revolving Door66 crown jewels that, unlike some others, cannot be denied?

Or does Kaag know 'more than enough' about her 'friends' from The Hague? Does she know the real reasons why people sit where they are? Does she know that all ministers are there for themselves and absolutely not for the people? Does she know that at least 140 of the 150 members of the House of Representatives would prefer to give the ministers a leg up in order to be able to take their positions? And without resentment of course, feeling and emotionless, as befits an unrighteous psychopath!

Yes, then I get her. In that very specific case, I want to trust her completely for a moment.
Although? She is a prominent part of that serpent pit. In fact, she leads the snake dance around the Torentje with 7 heads and as many forked tongues, commissioned by?

That is why, possibly somewhat naive and a bit stupid, I want to trust a lot of people, but not her van Kaag (dancing on a turntable in daylight, already known at the time with the victory that only takes shape after 666 o'clock in the evening very dark). got) and all the other brood of vipers there by the Garden Pond.

Rients Hofstra

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