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Taliban & Afghanistan

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If we are to believe the EU propaganda machine, then the Taliban would be just as much a terrorist organization as, for example, Al Qaeda, but if you think for a moment, you quickly come to the conclusion that they have not claimed any attacks in the West to date, so from this we can see that this statement is completely wrong! 

The fall of Afghanistan, or rather the relapse into the old power system, is actually not so strange at all, in a Muslim country there is no democracy to be founded, that is what we are always told, but which has never been the real intention, because those have always been only interest games, in which not infrequently white lie was used, in short, we are simply being hugely screwed, for money laundering or certain economic interests.

Subjecting humanity to one world domination will therefore never succeed, that applies to Globalism, but also to Islam, we see that plans are forged in the most filthy way and people are manipulated, just to make you believe this, but if I have to choose between the two evils, then I would still choose Islam, because Globalism is much more false, a lot of people still don't understand how it is that if the West breaks away from Afghanistan, for example, that the The Taliban will be back in no time, that the Afghan army will flee by a large majority as a force, with the most modern weapons, or simply rejoin the Taliban.

What was also very amazing, that's how President Joe Biden had poured the withdrawal into the barrel, this man doesn't belong in the White House, Republicans and Democrats alike will have figured that out by now, because I don't think you'll ever make it first the army gone, when you withdraw from a country, but well in a world turned upside down something like that must be normal, as far as i'm concerned the return of Donald trump could bring some salvation, he would never have committed this kind of stupidity , which is also very bizarre, that is that people are under the impression that Afghanistan is a very poor country, yes the population is not rich there, but what precious metals and mineral resources there are in the ground, would that situation can change very quickly for certain people.

There are several thousands of billions of raw materials in the soil that are very desirable in our modern age, what about lithium, for example, yes the Chinese have been negotiating with the Taliban for a long time, because this gift that Joe Biden gave them may well be will mean that the US has lost world power and then China will of course gladly take over from them and whether we should be so happy about that, you can safely ask yourself, unfortunately the majority of our population is not yet growing at all to these kinds of questions and are still caught in mortal fear for a virus, which not coincidentally also comes from China and that from a lab in Wuhan

The coincidences, in which I no longer believe in at all, are only piling up, the virus that now has the world in its grip, called Covid-19 named after a virus outbreak exercise, yes also earlier in Wuhan of the bat soup story a monkey sandwich story, because we see here something that is fully directed, so not surprising, that Bill Gates has patents on corona and therefore also on Covid-19, that this greatly improved version of Joseph Mengele has seven vaccination factories has started up, has wormed himself into everything, but of course will never use his own Russian Roulette syringe and is also known as a benefactor!

Fortunately, this life is finite, so also for multi-criminals like Bill Gates, although I still hope that humanity will wake up in time and throw him into the meat grinder with the necessary other Globalists, full of dedication for dog food, such beasts are more real not worth it, because they have nothing good on humanity, because they are many times worse than what the Taliban can ever do to their own population and then of course there is a lot to be said about the people that the Western regime has in Afghanistan supported, the pedophile sex industry had heyday at that time, to make you sick to your stomach!

So you can even ask yourself, where can I be better, in an EU that has misled us as a population from the beginning, or as a collaborator in Afghanistan, which started around the same date, that the Taliban will soon start a huge purge, It is of course not easy to talk about the necessary executions, but from their point of view I can still understand this, they have not seen our interference in any other way, as we saw the occupation in the 40s/45s last century, and even about that there is a enormous lie embedded, according to the left the Nazis were right, while national socialism should really say enough, that can of course never have been right!

Globalism is something very dirty, just like corona it is a huge lie, that's why I argue for a sovereign Netherlands, where people start thinking again, where a virus like Covid-19 could never get an A status, where no discrimination is possible between vaccinated and unvaccinated, who would want to live in such a society, in such a lie, where the pharmaceutical industry determines your life!

Then the Taliban is even more just, at least it puts the collaborators against the wall, without a retarded phantasmagoria because of a virus, which can be compared to a severe flu, but which is magnified into a huge monster, in a culture of fear!

The only certainty you have in this life, that is that sooner or later you will die, are we going to continue to crawl away in agony, or are we going to really live, are we going to become human again, or are we going to go into lockdown again and curfew, because it will soon turn out that vaccination is the greatest deception in our history, just like the one and a half meters of society, the mouth cap and the PCR tests, away with the politics that promote it, away with all EU lies, twenty years of Afghanistan was a big lie, just like Iraq, Libya and Syria by the way, the latter almost leading to a world war, IS driving in Dutch pickup trucks, given away to rebels, what a lie!

Stop this madness!

Chris Collard.

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