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Teacher shows Mohammed's l * l to class full of children as a lesson on free speech

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The Brussels municipality of Molenbeek has one teacher Suspended from elementary school after receiving, in the context of free speech, cartoons on which the genitals of the Prophet Muhammad were visible to his disciples.

The civic education teacher for the sixth grade of primary school 'Aux sources de gai sauvoir'is said to have circulated a tablet with cartoons of the prophet Mohammed in his class.

Students who did not want to see the Prophet's genitals and bare buttocks were suggested and just look at the floor.

The teacher showed, among other things, a Charlie Hebdo cartoon showing Mohammed's genitals and buttocks.

The lesson in question took place a few days after the Islamic assassination attempt on Samuel Paty - the Jewish history teacher who had shown Mohammed cartoons in his lesson.

'My child looked at the floor'says city councilor Hicham Chakir (PS), whose son was in class.

'I informed the Molenbeek council directly. Although I am open, I don't understand the message this teacher wanted to convey. To me it is a message of hate. If you wanted to talk about the prophet or the Muslim religion, OK fine. But not like that. '

"Let us live together with respect, dignity and brotherhood, regardless of the religion of everyone," says Chakir.

According to the municipality, the teacher deviated from the educational program on freedom of expression because he did so nudes had shown.

'We work with a curriculum that is not conflicting or polemic. But the teacher left one for children between the ages of ten and twelve obscene see a picture, 'says the municipality.

The municipality of Molenbeek suspended the teacher and started disciplinary proceedings.

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