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Teenager beaten and almost pushed for the train

Last Friday evening, 17-year-old Marcus Aroli, a Danish teenager, stood with his sister at the train station of Tåstrup, an Islamized district in the west of Copenhagen.

Because there is no shop at this station, they decided to take the train to Albertslund to get something to drink. (source)

"As soon as I got off the train, my sister and a friend of hers said there were people waiting for them at the entrance to the platform." Marcus said.

“I asked what she meant by that, but before I knew it, a boy of about 15 with curly hair came up to me and hit me in the face for no reason. My upper lip sprang open and started to bleed. ” (source)


When he tried to run away, another man tackled him so that he fell to the ground. The group of boys / men surrounded him and made several attempts to push him onto the rails. According to Aroli, their last attempt was just before the train came onto the platform.

“I ran away until I arrived at the end of the platform where there were only train tracks, so I knew I had to go back to pass the group. Of course they hit me again and my sister started to cry. ”

“I fell and felt that he wanted to hit me on the head. I threw a bag with 4 beer cans at the head of one of the men and got up quickly. Then I ran to the exit of the platform. ”

“Fortunately, they did nothing to my sister and her friend. They really went for me. There were at least 30 men but only 9 of them participated to hit me. ”

The station is in a Muslim quarter and Marcus warned his friends via Facebook. “STAY AWAY FROM ALBERTSLUND STATION AT NIGHT! They're sick in their head, and I didn't even know them! I COULD BE DEAD! ”

Thus the story on the part of Marcus. If we learn more, we will keep you informed.

Meaningless violence with a racist motive. It is happening everywhere in Europe by young Muslims. Daily. But center-left and center-right parties refuse to do anything about this. The problem is being ignored.



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