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Telegraaf: Conscious embracing is a myth and Thierry a racist

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Kitty Herweijer wrote a column in the Telegraaf (Volkskrant 2.0) today, in which she accuses Thierry Baudet of racism, sensation seeking and conspiracy thinking.

She advances in defense Omtzigt, Asscher and Jetten, for the fact that they Baudet attacked after Thierry told about the DEMOGRAPHIC plans of the EU.

When you jump in defense for those figures you are in a sad state of denial. It is literally written and STILL these characters simply dare to deny the facts. Instead of first starting a serious investigation, people write it down indiscriminately and put Baudet and others at risk.

She does the 'premeditated population' as a crazy conspiracy theory instead of delving deeper into the underlying documents and statements of mainstream politicians confirming these plans.

"There is no preconceived EU plan to transfer African migrants in order to weaken the national identities of countries", says Kitty.

“And that 'population theory' is one that you as a decent, rational person want to keep far from. But perhaps that is why it is impossible to do Baudet. ' says Kitty, followed by accusing Thierry of using a cynical truck box of fuss and victimhood.

A decent rational person does research first and only then opens his mouth, Kitty.

Column "Thierry Baudet's tiring truck box" by Kitty Herweijer

"Europe must undermine national homogeneity", according to the UN (2012)

Official documents European Union with immigration plan:

Download official documents European Union:

"More immigration needed to prevent inbreeding" -Wolfgang Schäuble (German Finance Minister)

Politicians and Media take charge of it "Hitlerism, Racism and Conspiracy Theories" to put FvD in a bad light.

Thierry Baudet's right:

PvdA prominent figures: "Pim Fortuyn is right"

NETHERLANDS, this demonization MUST STOP!

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