Telegraaf goes into demonization mode and doxt reader

Nausicaa Marbe and Kitty Herweijer received a lot of criticism for their columns in which they accused Baudet of being a “racist” and of playing a “victim role”. (source at the bottom of the article)

One response was even more tender than the other, but that's just how the internet works: No censorship that's going to change anything, because people always come up with synonyms to stay under the censorship radar.

Now it is the turn of Telegraaf editor-in-chief, Paul Jansen, to jump into the breach for Nausicaa and Kitty, in his weekly column.

Photo: 'Schlissus Schlamilus Veeveedeeïus'.
Also known as Paul Jansen, in its natural habitat.


He begins to understand that the reactions also stem from the National Trauma surrounding the death of Pim Fortuyn.

Then the tone changes and the accusation that the 'right' has not much better resilience than 'the left' flies over the table.

He also ignores the reproach that the Telegraaf is increasingly letting left-wing fools speak ('We are an outspoken newspaper').

Paul concludes with it doxes * from a Telegraaf reader, who would have seriously offended Kitty Herweijer. In other words:

'Dear Antifa, can you throw a stone through that man's window? Kind regards, De Telegraaf '.

* Doxing is throwing someone's identity on the street, often with the intention of encouraging others to get revenge on the person who has been killed. Doxing is illegal.

Paul Jansen column:

According to Kitty Herweijer, Thierry is a victim:

Marbe's demonizing column:

See also this article:

Telegraaf: Conscious embracing is a myth and Thierry a racist

How could that be the fierce reaction? Did you already live in 2002?

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