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Telegraaf announces persistent propaganda!

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If there is one persistent lie, it is the overrepresentation of African-Americans being shot and killed by the police.

Normally this is the domain of the “left liberal” media, but now De Telegraaf also participated nicely.

Lies of the Telegraph

And since De Telegraaf focuses on 2015, we will also be using 2015 data.

What do the numbers say?

Despite Afros making up only 13% of the population, they are 26.1% of the victims killed by the police when arrested. (Telegraph)

That looks like a clear overrepresentation, until you compare it to Afros' overrepresentation in crime:

Despite making up only 13% of the population, African Americans commit ...

-26.6% of all crimes
-28.2% of rapes
-29.5% of burglaries
-32.1% of violent incidents
-40.9% of murders of police officers (2006-15)
-51.1% of all murders
-53.5% of thefts
"But muh socio-economic differences!"

NO! That hardly explains Afros' overrepresentation in crime and police deaths. (Hispanic) Asians, whites and other groups in similar circumstances (unemployment, education level, poverty) have lower crime rates than African Americans. However, a stronger case can be made for genes and culture to blame for this difference.

Cut it, Telegraaf! The figures are not politically correct and directly penalize your liberal game, with the aim of self-hatred.

"Volkskrant 2.0" - "Black lives (don't) matter"

FBI - Crime by Race:

Police officers killed by civilian, by race (2006-2015)

Statista - People shot by police by race *, 2015 (* Most Hispanics are White)



Vincent James - The Truth About Police Killings

And the day after, De Telegraaf does it again:

Telegraph: Lies, lies and more LIES “RACIST CHARTS”

More NEWNS DISTRIBUTORS among the mainstream media:

KRO / NCRV calls us RADICAL RIGHT and NEWS distributors

NU.NL Fakenews distributors:

Gert Jaap Hoekman from fake news NU.NL is bluffing, threatening and losing

JENS reports from FAKE media STATATSOMROEP


Spread the freedom!

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