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Telegraph: Lies, lies and more LIES “RACIST CHARTS”

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De Telegraaf has been going on a complete FALSE “anti” racism tour for the last 2 days.
This MUST be corrected!
Yesterday it lied about police-killed Afro-Americans by leaving out certain info. Which we do provide at CSTV.

Telegraaf announces persistent propaganda!

And now De Telegraaf is participating in the demonization of a dog owner by a Democratic Activist.

Amy walked her leashed dog through New York's Central Park because the dog racecourse was closed due to the lockdown.

The black Democratic activist Christian Cooper was annoyed and spoke to her about the stray dog.

Amy indicated that the dog was able to walk safely here alone, because the free range zone is too dangerous for her dog.

So Christian said: “Look, if you do what you want, I do what I want. But you will not like that ”, while taunting her by luring her dog with dog treats.

Christian seems to do this more often with dog owners to provoke reactions.

Amy didn't see what the man was holding and didn't trust it.

That's why she grabbed the dog.

Christian starts filming while Amy and the dog are clearly panicked by the escalating situation Christian creates.

And NO. Amy wasn't strangling the dog, as some 'Karens' claim on Twitter:

Steve Franssen's behavioral analysis of the dog indicates that the dog was clearly upset by the tactile atmosphere Christian created and animals feel very well when danger threatens.

Amy calls the police and reports that she is threatened "An African American man".

Christian films everything.

After the incident, Christian uploads the video to whip up the Twitter activists with “a racist incident”.

The Mayor of New York (Bill de Blasio), the entire mainstream media and thousands of Twitter activists jumped on top of the story to all make Amy KILLED for the general public.

Amy's boss was approached and fired the "racist employee." And Twitterers thought it was fantastic and still tweeted after stairs.

The story of Amy's incident is far more nuanced than the media and Twitter proposes, but those additional facts have already been lost in the tidal wave of whipped outrage and “anti-racism” hysteria.

Which also means the "Right" Telegraaf participates in ...

Christian eventually admitted to provoking the situation.

And do you know what got less attention in the media?

The young "Black Supremacist" who found it funny to ram a 'white old man' into his bed.


We don't have to have that whole race discussion, but the mainstream media, INCLUDING THE TELEGRAPH, spreads lies. DANGEROUS LIES !!

And that must be rectified ...

Steve Franssen - Behavioral analysis of the incident between Amy and Christian


Telegraph - "White woman fired after black birdwatcher accusations"

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