Grapperhaus Terror Task Force - Fascism in the Netherlands continues

Grapperhaus is emerging as a true fascist now that corona is an excuse for the fascist policy that is being pursued in the Netherlands.

The word fascist had little meaning anymore when it was used inappropriately to describe people who had a different opinion and wanted to bring power back to the citizen.

But now the word fascist is very relevant. We live in a fascist society with corona as an excuse. Or are we going to deny that this policy has no fascist features? Confinement, prohibition of gathering, compulsory clothing that restricts your breathing. Do not roam freely where you want. Your own will is curtailed and we are locked up.

Grapperhaus Terror Task Force Investigates “Communist Model”

Last week there was a question session about the emergency legislation, to which Minister Grapperhaus of Justice and Security (CDA) responded.

There were questions posed by MP Ms Attje Kuiken (PvDA), among others.

The answers Grapperhaus gave to the questions were downright shocking when freedom and a true democracy are of paramount importance. 


Undermining sovereignty and democracy is a daily coalition attack led by Prime Minister Rutte (VVD).

It is of course very annoying when your police officers secretly do something different than they should. And it is even more annoying to be confronted with this, according to the reaction of Grapperhaus, the big boss of Team Romeo, who joined Op1 last Tuesday.

Framing and misplacing events is what we like "Ordinary citizens" been pushed down the throat by the MSM for years.

In the question and answer debate, Grapperhaus indicated that he had set up a task force.

This is headed by Mayor Madam JM Van Bijsterveldt-Vliegenthart (CDA) of the municipality of Delft. Mayors are still appointed and not democratically elected.

The Terror Taskforce Team has been commissioned to investigate several options for online censoring and crowd control from the authorities.

He wants to be able to use this even if it does not meet the minister's taste. This does not even have to be punishable, he also explains.

What will happen in practice, if Grapperhaus pushes aside the current protective constitution?

We are already seeing this happening in Australia, for example. In practice it comes down to this.

A complaint is received by the authorities. A bankruptcy judge issues a search warrant. The authorities are at your door and enter you.

Because the authorities do not know exactly how many people are inside, for security reasons, you will be arrested and you will be handcuffed.

You do not understand why and you ask why? The authorities respond with violence because this falls under “resistance”. There is a chance that they will think that you are confused, so that you will be given a medicine injection and in the meantime will be locked up in a mental health institution.

Examples? Oh no, that doesn't happen in the Netherlands, does it?




We therefore requested an interview with the mayor of Bijsterveldt of Delft. Hearing and rebuttal and with all knowledge, to inform you about the course of events. Of course, the response came back after consultation, that it was the advice of the communication expert not to respond to our interview.

We also understand that even communication experts cannot explain what is happening.

The mayor of Delft, Mrs. Marja van Bijsterveldt, who is in charge of this technocratic terror Taskforce, doesn't exactly have a nice CV.

We just walk through her laps.

For example, it introduced the slow student fine for students and made several cuts (300 million) on education.

Also, she is now on the Supervisory Board, you know, of electing the appointed Mayor.

Most striking, however, is that Ms is also chair of the CDA's Integrity and Cancellation Committee.

After she went through a "motion of distrust" had to step down as a city councilor.

This was because Ms protected a PvDA member after he "Fraud" committed with expense claims.

Mayor Bijsterveldt, born in Rotterdam (1961) is now 59 years old, had to embrace the digital world at a later age.

In other words, we all know a granny with a knack for the internet but a pox w * f

How can a Grapperhaus, after he has shown himself to be completely committed to the rules, and does not believe anything at all, still sit in that position? And also have the left to do this. That is only possible in a banana republic.

Jasper S.

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Another "Well, that doesn't happen in the Netherlands, does it?"

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