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Texas introduces new pro-life law

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The US state of Texas has passed a new pro-life law. The new law prohibits abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy and urges Texans to sue those who have an abortion after the sixth week. Those who do this can then get $10.000.

Protecting babies is high on Governor Greg Abbott's agenda and this new law is one step closer to stopping this form of infanticide. 85 percent of abortions in the state have been made illegal by this law, making Texas the most pro-life state in the US.

The law makes abortion illegal after the sixth week of pregnancy and all Texans can sue the abortion clinics if they perform abortions after that sixth week. The latter is only in the law so that it becomes more difficult for the court to block the law.

“Our maker gave us the right to life and millions of children lose that right to life every year because of abortions.” – Governor Greg Abbott

The law has now come into effect, after the Supreme Court has allowed it. An emergency petition from abortion clinics and other activists has been rejected.

The Supreme Court is likely to rule in early 2022 on an already pending Mississippi law case that could reverse the infamous "Roe v. Wade" judgment of 1973. That ruling allowed abortion from the moment the fetus was "viable", then determined to be 24 weeks.

Texas law is also unlikely to be passed until 2022, and there is reason for hope. Six of the nine judges are 'conservative' and some of them have previously stated that “Roe v. Wade” should disappear and that it has not come about in a good way.

But we should not rejoice too soon, this Supreme Court has let conservatives down before. Chief Justice John Roberts, himself appointed by former President George W. Bush, is often reluctant to make conservative judgments so as not to tarnish the "Supreme Court reputation," sometimes receiving support from Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Comey Barrett. , all appointed by former President Donald Trump.


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