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Texas wants to leave the communist US - Other states can follow


While the foolish are still in the party mood because Trump has "lost" and Bigtech censorship is becoming the norm, Texas may be gearing up for a Twexit.

What we have seen in recent days is beyond any imagination.

Nothing is too crazy anymore. Nothing is more shameless. Laws no longer count and if they get in the way, the rules are simply changed. Democrats and Bigtech. They set out on the attack towards a world government of big corporations and corrupt rich politicians who think about nothing but their careers and their egos. China is the laughing third.

Texas has already announced that it is interested in one texi. Read TheEpochTimes' article here.

Article TheEpochTimes - Door Muyang Lie

After the stolen elections and extraordinary action by the Democrats, the state of Texas is considering leaving the US and continuing on its own.

Texas House of Representatives member Kyle Biederman is campaigning for the independence of the state of Texas in the face of the increasing influence of the CPC in America. He founded a separatist movement to "Liberating the state from communism".

Monday January 11 Biedermann appeared on the television channel “Newsmax“. Texas Representative told host Chris Salcedo that Texas MPs had received calls from MPs from several other states expressing their interest in joining the breakaway movement.


Texas MPs believe that it may be difficult for US courts to take action against state "secession" because communism violates the US Constitution.

Kyle Biedermann said Texas MPs would introduce a bill that would raise the question of whether Texas should become an independent state. If the majority of Texans were to opt for independence from Texas, the governor, house president, and members of the senate would set up a committee to deal with the issues that must be resolved to form an independent state.

The process would take about two years during which Texas residents could file a complaint if they are not satisfied. The committee should consider the possibility of secession from the United States.


Biedermann's team: "Spin-off is very easy to implement"

The Biedermann team has been researching this area for years and says that a spin-off is very possible.

According to Biedermann, Texas has good conditions for independence: not only does it have the uniqueness that 95% of the land is privately owned, but it also has natural resources, its own power grid, and its own treasury. “We have a lot of things that other countries don't,” said Biedermann.



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