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Thanks Joe Biden: Taliban Now Bigger Air Force Than Most NATO Countries

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You get what you vote for in the US

In this 2017 video, Trump speaks prophetic words about Afghanistan:

The Great Failure of Joe Biden

As Biden tries to clean up his alley, Rasmussen reveals that 52% of Americans think Joe Biden should resign (source)

The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan has turned into a global disaster.

Without warning, without goodbye, without any explanation, the US military left after they cut the power. Within minutes the entire area was looted. Hundreds of looters. And not only shops were robbed. A large stockpile of weapons and ammunition were taken and 13 Americans were killed. Immediately after the disappearance of American troops, Taliban fighters murdered innocent civilians from house to house.

Hundreds of American soldiers are left to their own devices and are still outlawed in Afghanistan. 12 Americans were killed.

Nancy Pelosi refused 1 minute of silence for the fallen Americans in the House of Representatives, according to Newsmax.

In an outrageous way, the Americans abandoned civilians because “they were not in time for the flight”. Unbelievable for the most advanced military in the world that normally works in a highly organized manner.

Biden talks about "a great win" and wails that he will go back to pick up "the rest". The man himself has no idea what he is saying. It's an outrageous display.

20 years of Afghanistan and this is how it ends? More than 80 million US dollars worth of weapons and ammunition were left behind. How can that happen? Is that a coincidence?


Joe Biden turns his back on Americans

Taliban now heavily armed and rich

The chaos is incalculable. The Americans left behind 80 billion dollars of weapons and ammunition. Now in the hands of the Taliban.

The Taliban now have at least 48 aircraft, including US-supplied Black Hawks and A-29 attack aircraft and Hercules transport aircraft. Up to now. More weapons will be taken from the Afghan military, which still has US weapons and vehicles. This makes their air force larger than most NATO countries.



And it just stopped there.

In addition, the jihadists have ScanEagle mini military drones in their possession: unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that fulfills the trinity of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions. Each system costs about $3,2 million.

ScanEagle mini military drone

Also a good number MD-530F attack helicopters of $2.4 million each.

The Taliban now proudly drive around in mine-resistant vehicles (MRAPs), these are all-terrain armored vehicles that provide effective protection against landmines and ambushes and cost between $500.000 and $1.000.000.


Thousands M1151 Humvee gun bearers costing more than $220.000 apiece were left behind. About 4.700 are now in the possession of the Taliban. (source)

A hefty stock M24 Sniper Weapon systems to convert weapons into eagle-eyed sniper rifles, M18 single-shot assault weapons, loads of M4 carbines and 40mm high explosive grenades.

MK19 grenade launcher designed for 44mm grenades


The Americans also A-29 Super Tucanos behind and are in possession of night vision goggles and all sorts of other highly technical and dangerous military gadgets.

A-29 Super Tucan


Humiliation America and Allies

A video of a Blackhawk with the Taliban flag followed by US military vehicles, driven by jihadists. The ultimate humiliation.

Coffins with flags of America and their allies.


Taliban in American Tanks (Dailymail)


Soldiers and high-ranking military personnel give their lives for their country, but lie to keep their jobs.

The wokeism also seems to have penetrated the US military, we heard yesterday during a broadcast of the Tucker Carlson Show. (source)

It is also good to notice when high-ranking soldiers take the floor and how they try to defend this act. “No one could have expected this to happen.” (source)

Unbelievable. After 20 years in Afghanistan, everyone knows that this was about to happen.

And there we are. A heavily armed army of completely deranged and violent jihadists at the gates of the “free world” along with countless refugees who we know include people on the terror list. (source)

In a previous article we already showed that more than 1 in 10 Biden voters have regrets like hairs on their heads. That number will not decrease. (source)

They were people who “didn't see it”. Sounds very familiar.




We don't know who the Afghan refugees are

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