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THAT SWEET WENDE? - by Karel Nuks

In the night of August 12-13, 1961, the construction of the Berlin Wall started. The Berlin Wall surrounded West Berlin and stood until November 9, 1989. It was, next to the Iron Curtain, the symbol of the separation of the Free West and the totalitarian Soviet Union. It took 28 years for the oppressed inhabitants of the GDR to stop being stopped by the Wall. Hungary opened the Iron Curtain and a massive outflow started. This was the beginning of the end for the Eastern Bloc.

West and East Germany were reunited, an event known as Die Wende and the end of the totalitarian Eastern Bloc.


Just like the citizens of the former Eastern bloc at the time, citizens worldwide are now suffering from totalitarian terror. This is comparable in all respects to that in the Eastern bloc at the time. In fact, in some areas the Eastern bloc regimes pale in comparison with the current ones. The GDR, for example, did not have a curfew. Neither are 'scaled-down care' or closed schools and companies. Honecker and his associates would throng to study the latest measures taken by Führer Rutte. How this fascist directs his SD and SS becomes clear when you watch the images on TV and the internet when he sends his executioners at people who want nothing more than normal life.

Demonstrations are crushed with barbaric medieval violence. Defenseless people are rammed into each other, run over, ruthlessly attacked by SS troops on horseback. The deployment of Gestapo provocateurs is standard operating procedure. And to top it all off festively, the MSM triumphantly shows how the regime 'keeps order'. This kind of action is also typical of totalitarian regimes. Occurs extremely cruel and intemperate with the smallest crimes. "Rule by fear," wasn't that Machiavelli saying?


Hundreds of thousands await unemployment and a poverty trap. Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs see their bankruptcy approaching or are already bankrupt. Hundreds of thousands of dissenters stare into the abyss of social isolation. Hundreds of millions are undergoing gene therapy via a vaccination that is already redundant because of new, even more narrow variants, according to the regime. What that means for the later generation? Well, we'll see that again. Millions of young people see their future disappear in smoke. Hundreds of thousands are not receiving the care they need because of the scaled-down care. Consequence? Unnecessary suffering, late diagnoses, unnecessary lifelong consequences, unnecessary death. Two hundred thousand elderly people languish in 'care' institutions. Everything that still gave value and color to their lives has been taken from them. Hundreds of thousands of relationships are under pressure. Controversy between parents and children, in families, between friends, between neighbors, between patients and doctors, students and teachers, colleagues.

All this is not suffering according to the regime! It is only a sacrifice that we must make cheerfully for a bright new future. Which will never come, of course.


Thus, Gandalf spoke in The Lord of the Ring. And indeed, gradually the realization is dawning on how high the price is for the regime's policy and how high the need is. Little by little more and more citizens see how our future has been squandered by Führer Rutte and his fascist bureaucrats. More and more citizens recognize the absurdity of the rules and want to get rid of them. There are many who doubt but still obey: "What can I do about it?"

The regime has set in motion the spiral of action by taking everyone and everything hostage. And whoever sows wind will reap a storm, so the saying goes, won't he? The first riots are already a fact. Not only in our country, but elsewhere as well. But before we know it, we are in a spiral of violence in which the fascists will not shy away from having a grip on the situation. It seems inevitable that the first civilians will soon be killed. Especially when civilians also start using violence. Fat crocodile tears of the regime that unfortunately it was 'collateral damage' to law enforcement, followed by the threat of more and more violence and even more measures. Own fault.

But let's face it, there is already enough suffering and misery caused by the Roverheid DDR Netherlands. Violence does not seem to be the way. But if violence doesn't offer a way out, then what? How did Die Zweite Wende come about?


In nearly a year, no one in the regime has engaged in any talks with any representative of any group of dissenters. Not with doctors, scientists, activists, ordinary people. No one. Averse to any piece of information that could shed a different light on the matter, entrenched behind steel, glass and concrete sitting in their administrative bunkers, the regime persists in their strategy of non-communication. And the invitations have been there. If there had been even consultation, the relevant group would have communicated this widely through their channels. Consultation or discussion to change the course of the Ship of the State? A passed station.


A nice parallel with the current situation was Prohibition in the 1920s in the USA. The federal government banned all production, sale, and transportation of alcohol. But yes, where a shortage is created, supply will automatically arise again. Illegal alcoholic beverages and the mafia plunged into the hole and soon there was cheerful drinking again. The mafia has grown thanks to the backwardness of politics at the time. Tens of thousands died of methanol poisoning from bad booze. It took a formidable statesman to turn the tide, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He turned things around in December 1933 through an amendment to the Constitution.

Unfortunately, The Hague is completely lacking in statesmen. So we don't have to expect anything from that side. And neither of the opposition. Their influence is zero.


Unfortunately, this is not going to happen either. Although the initiatives of Baudet and the people of Vrij en Sociale Nederland are commendable, they will not make it. The reason is simple. As Jozef Stalin already knew: "The results of the elections are not determined by the voter but by those who count the votes." Part II of the series Onze Falende Democracy reflects on this in detail. The sad conclusion is that Stalin hit the nail on the head. Only a handful of party leaders and members of the incumbent government determine how the results of the elections should be 'interpreted'. They form a new government that conforms to that interpretation and that is the end of "the will of the people."

But since parliament has been so stupid as to make Führer Rutte and his fascists outgoing, there will be no election of course. The timing of this parliament masterstroke couldn't be better as far as the little corporal is concerned. The voting cattle in the Lower House presented him with the Golden Ticket to reign indefinitely. Who else should organize those elections, right?


Part IV of De Falende Democracy describes to what extent the judge is in line with the regime. Each judge is appointed through political lines. And every judge goes through The Hague's politically correct filter before they even qualify for an appointment. And yes, the regime is also no stranger to direct involvement in legal cases.

In the pastMany lawsuits were conducted in many countries for months. And sure enough, it happened that the judge ruled in favor of the plaintiff, often a group of dissenters. But every victory turned out to be a dead sparrow. The fascists 'just' quickly made a new law, declared a state of emergency or did something else underhanded. Or the judge just got the fat middle finger; captivate! The judge does not have an armed service on hand throwing Constitution-violating fascist politicians in jail. So it ends there. Conclusion? We are not going to have any upheaval by legal means.


Well, when the entire people travels disastrous to The Hague, there is no stopping it. But that's not going to happen for a number of reasons.

First, the number of deeply religious Coronists is too great and completely willing to betray anyone who has plans in that direction. And there is simply not enough mass to make it through given the strong popular support for the regime.

Second, a popular uprising will provoke an enormously violent response from the regime. All kinds of calls appear on the internet to take violence, if necessary, against riots organized by the state, instigated by and led by police provocateurs. I can imagine boiling your blood, your hands itchy and wanting on the barricades. But put your hands in your pockets and capture the best you can with hundreds of cell phones. Switch off your SIM card and blue tooth. Otherwise they still know where you were….

The Wehrmacht, National Reserve, Military and Civil Gestapo, Medieval Units, Military Police, the regime will deploy everything. Water cannons, dog teams, barbarians on horseback, rubber bullets and sharp and certainly also armored cars and other heavy equipment. The suffering will be incalculable; hundreds if not thousands dead, massive destruction, riots, thousands injured. And the regime is likely to win. They have the weapons, the intelligence services, the organization, the training, control telephone and internet networks, energy networks, etc .. The citizens have only their beliefs, bare fists, bricks and incendiary bombs. Count out your winnings.

On the other hand, although the protests of one million (!) People on Tiananmen Square in Beijing in 1989 were also bloody suppressed, it marked the end of Maoist communism in China. Who hasn't seen the footage of that skinny Chinese standing in front of a tank and admiring his courage?

How bitter it is that 80% of the masses who saw these images will now turn against those who oppose Führer Rutte and his black shirts in a similar way. Specifically, your neighbor Nappie carrier Coronist, thinks it's fine that you, your son or your daughter are beaten crippled.


The regime's strategy is simple. Deny citizens their rights, gag their freedom, their right to demonstrate, close their shops and businesses, impose absurd rules on them, react harshly and cruelly to dissenters, protesters and offenders. Let's apply a similar strategy en masse on two fronts. They hit where it hurts. But then nonviolent.

First. The whole machinery of the regime runs by the grace of one thing only; they need companies to perform their governmental duties. They can do NOTHING on their own. Not even cleaning the toilet in their administration bunker.

So refuse to do business with any government agency then. Regardless of whether this is a municipality, province, the police, a GGD, ministry or other government service. Do not sell them fuel, repair vehicles, refuse to do their printing, do not sell an eraser or pack of printing paper to them, do no maintenance or repairs to their buildings, do not deliver their mail, and so on. It will be over and closed within two weeks. Or do you already see officials from the Tax Authorities putting blue envelopes in the mail? Well, that's quickly done when they can't buy gas anywhere to fill their cars ...

Second, put a cordon of plumbing. That is, social exclusion of all politicians and all persons employed by the Justice, Public Prosecution Service, police and other corona rules enforcement services. Yes, these officials too, because without them the regime cannot maintain. Or would De Jong himself take to the streets with a coupon book, do you think?

Mind you, this strategy is not civil disobedience! Nobody is obliged to do commercial business with the government or people who work for the government. You can just refuse that: 'Go somewhere else, get out'. To be clear, when a police officer or other government official is at work, you unfortunately have to deal with it. Dance very politely around their long toes and spare their sensitive souls. If the same person comes to buy something from you as a private person, you can show him the door, remain silent, treat him as a leper.

So don't let them in your grocery store, deliver groceries, cut their hair, deny them all access to care, don't sell them aspirin or grab Pampers yet, don't fix their resumes, don't paint or maintain their yard, throw them from your association, don't sell them gasoline, shut them up, cut off all personal contact. Does that seem a bit drastic? Well, the regime will also mercilessly apply the cordon sanitary to dissidents who refuse to have their DNA damaged through a 'vaccination'.

The cordon plumbing is a nonviolent scorched earth tactic; no service or product available to a politician or anyone working for them.


Well, it's the way Gandhi got the British out of India. Speaking with the Viceroy of India, Lord Mountbatten, Gandhi assured him that the British would leave India within five years. He was laughed at downright: "Yeah, and how are you going to do that?" Asked Mountbatten. "Peaceful refusal to any cooperation," was Gandhi's answer. Everyone knows the result.

Let that be the way we fight. Not with words and articles on the Internet, not whining to the judge, not with a bare fist, not throwing bricks or incendiary bombs. But with peaceful non-cooperation so that Die Zweite Wende may come soon.

Unfortunately, I fear bloody riots and heavy violence, which the regime is of course very welcome.

I wish you wisdom.

Karel Nuks

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