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The Covid 19 pandemic as a welcome player in the great political game of chess

The Covid 19 pandemic as a welcome player in the great political game of chess

I still believe that a conscious and mutated virus like Covid 19 has spread among people. Klaus Schwab, of the World Economic Forum, the husband of, DAS VIERTE REICH, (the fourth industrial revolution), has made a deal with Mark Rutte. A chip in your head or under your skin and the DNA or RNA will change through an inoculation. Then put a little more luciferase in a covid 19 vaccine and we have become recognizable slaves of the Government. And especially now that the cabinet has fallen and Mark Rutte has stepped down, we have to be extra vigilant. Then we no longer have friends, but there are only NSBers, (Dutch State Citizens), there will be gangs to persuade unvaccinated to take a vaccination. Is that conspiracy thinking? No, that's the same stigmatization as wearing a yellow Star of David. Then the non-vaccinated people are recognizable.

Measurements are made with two measures. The unvaccinated people, the refusers, will be hunted. And public opinion will be stoked to see them as inhuman. They don't think about others, but who thinks about me? Don't underestimate the followers. The government can also set up camps for infected people. Just as they did for the asylum seekers. Put that syringe up your own ass. (Except if it concerns a normal vaccination). The new variant of the Covid 19, N501Y, is mutated and much more contagious. Current vaccines offer little or no protection. It does not help the spread of mutant viruses. If you get vaccinated now, you will get the new virus at the supermarket or sports club or in the church or at the schools because you are not protected against it. And otherwise the children in the schools will get it and they will infect the parents or Grandpa and Grandma. Repeated vaccination can lead to a disruption of the DNA and RNA.

Look at the sunny government commercials in which young families have just had a Covid 19 injection. They smile at you. The same government does not show how the elderly and needy people in nursing homes slowly choke and die from Corona. Who are the culprits, the care providers and the management who are infected with the virus and who end up in the rooms of the elderly? Even if the government promises mountains of gold and even if it imposes a curfew, nothing will help against the Corona virus. It only destroys society further. What does the government want to distribute twenty million social benefits and then bring in another ten million asylum seekers? That can only be psychopaths to come up with something like that. What is the matter with the Dutch. Is there anything in the drinking water? Remember, it will only get worse in the near future. Don't believe anything and no one you will be lied to and cheated on. 

The Government and the medical, pharmaceutical industry can no longer be trusted. They are covidiots. They are not interested in the people or their illnesses. They only have an eye for the numbers of vaccines and the turnover that they generate. For the time being we will not get rid of the Covid 19 and the mutations if we should stop traveling and close the borders to all foreigners and asylum seekers who come here. (That would be a good thing). Do you want to go on holiday by plane to Spain or do you want to take the train or bus to an amusement park, a sports club, schools, a demonstration? Then you contract Corona and you are an infected person. Wherever there are groups and crowds, there are sources of infection and vaccinations are of no help. Remember if you have passed a vaccination you could just as well be a Covid 19 infected. The virus does not look at a person whether or not they have been vaccinated. Soon we will also infect our pets and then all animals have to be killed? 

Compulsory vaccination does not help either, because the global DNA disruption and abnormalities will no longer be able to control the crowd. see the Bible Belt, they think God is saving them the Corona. Is that doom thinking? No, that's your normal common sense. What else does this Government have in store for us? Phones with a tracking system to see where you are. Cameras everywhere you walk and what you do. We already have that, you will say. Yes, but then controlled by the Government, the army or a Section secretly that monitors whether you are not doing wrong things. I find myself often leaving the phone at home when I go out. Then the peeking app cannot keep an eye on you. It is best to remove Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and other Social Media from your phone or your Computer and replace it with Telegram or Signal. The latter two are more suitable if your privacy is dear to you and if you want to chat without government interference. The naïves can then always use Whatsapp for the bullshit. 

I am a realist and therefore better prepared. The smartphone that was first a blessing with Whatsapp and Facebook and Twitter now turns out to be a spy device to let you follow and keep an eye on your actions. Today you are looking at a new winter coat. And tomorrow the advertisements of this brand will be on the Telegraaf or on other advertising sites. Install the Adblocker on your phone or Computer. Have you been vaccinated yet? The government knows the answer. Are you home sick or secretly at work? Are you reliable or a criminal? Are you addicted to alcohol or drugs? No, telephone brands and providers and social media cannot be trusted and sell your data and data to investigative services that expand their network throughout Europe. I get sick of it.

Take care of yourself and be vigilant. We are with too many people on earth and the governments must get rid of that. The pandemic war has broken out. Remember that if you want to protest that you have to do so en masse. The government and the mainstream media will just make you look crazy or paranoid and make fun of you. YouTube and Google and the social media can easily get you off the Internet if you pass on sensitive information to others. In March, choose a party that is there for the citizens, otherwise you will soon be forced to do things you do not want. Choose your freedom.

Thomas Wick

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