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Column - The DUTCH man is a HORIGE man

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The reason so many mentally ill people are committed to transgender propaganda is that they have overshot their own ideal image and are well aware of it.

There are masculine 'power women' who, through discrimination against men, have ended up in special roles at large international rootless companies.
Or with state agencies such as the NOS.

And thrown away their fruitful years of paperwork for their boss who spent most of the year on his Yacht somewhere in the Caribbean Sea.

These women who dress in 'feld-gray' suits and are seen by most men as unbearable are aware that they will never have children.

And will never be able to appreciate or ever be appreciated by a man.

Because men are simply not looking for rich / powerful women, but for nice and beautiful women.

Again and again their fathers will remind them that they would love to have grandchildren.
In response to their lousy life choices, power women are taking a hit at society.

Knowing that they have failed completely and that their expectations have not been met, they argue that society should not have had this expectation.

This is their way of escaping their biological reality that gives them nightmares.

Everything must be gender neutral in the hope that they can camouflage themselves in their dystopian existence with their gray uniforms.

If sex does not exist, then their bad choices no longer exist.

On the other hand, there is the 'antiman'.
The metrosexual "male" feminist.

The singer-songwriters. The Tim Hofmans of this world.
Often the product of single mothers, they have also failed to perform their biological tasks.

A chained man burns deep within them, full of shame and guilt.
Who wants to scream so loud that he should have taken responsibility and acted decisively.

They have been unable to defend their wives and let their daughters or sisters live like the whores of Babylonia.

Their way of protecting themselves against an invasion is to act as a woman, so that the asylum seeker knows that this continent will not resist his Jihad.

They cannot show responsibility, because they have nothing to be responsible for.

They have no land, no wife or children.
Although they know that this is the intention.

They live as slaves to their rent or mortgage.
They have nothing to lose and everything to gain by embracing progressive disease.

They make a small profit by acting effeminate, so they may score a small chance of reproduction.

If only to be obedient to the authority of a woman.

They dare not disagree with the system.

Authority, independence, courage, responsibility and strength.
They are completely lacking in the characteristic features of a man.

It is not only with these "men" that they want to flee from their biological reality; the motive of this antiman is also that he is too afraid to speak out against it and therefore chooses to live with cognitive disonance.

By admitting that he is serf to a person who has an average of 60% less body strength and an average of 15 cm shorter, he would admit that he lives like an animal in a small cage.

And by admitting this he would lose his desperate existence within the progressive dungeons and his reproductive potential and mortgage would be at stake.

By adopting a conformist attitude (which is a feminine quality) they lose their masculinity.

They knowingly pretend that masculinity DOES NOT EXIST or that real masculinity is synonymous with feminism.

These people live in pure fear and only serve as pawns.
These are the broken people who want to take over their shortcomings on children by citing all kinds of strange arguments:

"Boys used to wear skirts too, didn't they?"
'It is 2020 what does it matter?'
And not to forget:

"Gender is a social construction."

Fortunately, for biological reasons, healthy Dutch children choose the strong horse and not the weak horse.

When they see the power of a solid gentleman, the globalist scales will fall from their eyes and they will realize:

'I have been cheated, my country, my children and my women have been taken from me.

And the guilty are the ones I least suspect!

by P.


Why are we so stupid, dear fellow man!

Think and go about this with an open mind.

Why are we doing this to ourselves? Why are we so incredibly stupid?


Spread the freedom!

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