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THE NETHERLANDS on its way to the abyss… FOR NOTHING?


It would be something. Imagine that we find out that this virus has been traced. That it is proven that our government, consciously or unconsciously, has unnecessarily and unjustly withdrawn us.

That thousands to tens of thousands of businesses and households break down when this was not necessary. That people have lost everything they have built up in their lives. Redundant.

That our elders languish from loneliness when it was preventable. That we have even more polarization in our society than before.

That we have given up our freedoms FOR NOTHING! Wouldn't that be something? 

And should that come true, How would citizens respond?

This may very well happen. In fact, if we look around us, we see that all those measures that destroy us may not have been necessary at all. That the Dutch government has failed terribly. And its citizens have also failed and destroyed their lives.

As a government, shouldn't you look and SPEAK about the countries where things are going well? Where citizens will save a lot of misery?

From the beginning, our government and our anti-journalists from the media have focused on those countries where things were not going well, as far as the Corona virus is concerned.

They already started wrong. Thierry Baudet rightly pointed out that people were not looking at the best example at the time, Singapore.

The government REFUSED to comply. Also, as proposed by the Forum of Democracy, the government refused to enter into a debate and take precautionary measures.

Suspicious, and we are not the only country where it seems that the government deliberately failed to act in time. France is an example of this. The plans were already ready. No action was taken. It turned out to be a scandal, but politicians cleverly capitalize on the short-term memory of the citizens to minimize such a scandal, with the media behind them.

But let's focus on a country that has not cared about the rest and handled it in its own way.


The country that GIVES THE CONFIDENCE TO CITIZENS by giving instructions without coercion. Without criminalizing. Without fines. Without click lines.

How bizarrely tolerant Sweden is towards immigrants by giving them confidence while ruining their country, so tolerant they are towards their own citizens, unlike the Netherlands in this “crisis” that is suspicious and punishing its citizens.

The Swedes say:

We are Sweden, right? We are not going to let ourselves be locked up?

From the beginning, that was the general trend in Sweden: “No lockdown, please. We´re Swedish. ”

And so does the Prime Minister of Sweden. Löfven has refused from the outset to oblige his citizens to lock up.

This sounds like something you would expect a few years ago in the Netherlands. But the Netherlands has long since lost any self-confidence.

That evidence has now been provided as we see how most of them have just given up all their freedoms. No reason. Hanging on the lips of corrupt politicians. Proven so many times but even more often forgotten.

How does Sweden do it?

What restrictions apply in Sweden against this so-called killer virus?

Almost no.

What Sweden does is keep life as normal as possible. People are instructed to try to keep as far away as possible to keep the spread of the virus in check, but they are aware that it is not useful to keep a distance of one and a half meters.

They focus on the weakest in society and on making people aware that this virus is there and should be taken seriously. (source) (source)

It is quieter everywhere because people take responsibility themselves, but life continues.

Meanwhile, Sweden has prepared pico bello in case there should be a real outbreak. No shortage of care and beds.

The general approach is to address citizens on their OWN RESPONSIBILITIES.

The only restriction with regard to gathering is that no more than 50 people can gather and universities are closed. (source)

Bars, restaurants, gyms, shops and schools have simply remained open during the entire p (l) andemia. Anyone can leave the home whenever they want, and there are no penalties for using your freedom through gathering or otherwise. (source)

Anders Tegnell is one of the men behind this relaxed approach to the coronavirus.

Otherwise Tegnell

You bet the media hoped things would go wrong in Sweden. And still!

The AD had a nice article two weeks ago in which it was written that the Swedes would not make it with their “common sense approach”, but the AD has removed this article on closer inspection.

Deleted Article AD

Reason? Probably because it appeared when the article was published that President Löfven would introduce more restrictions. But he did not and the situation now seems to be stabilizing. Sweden seems to be pretty much through.

The numbers

Worldwide, Sweden was attacked and held accountable for "irresponsible behavior" and "crazy". Sweden would dig its own grave.

But according to the numbers, right now, we are just crazy.

The same applies in Sweden as in all other countries. Almost all deceased Swedes already had at least one other illness. The average age is around 80.

At present, 1.580 people are said to have died from Corona. That is 156 deaths per 1 million inhabitants.

In the Netherlands, 3.751 people are said to have died from Corona. That is 219 per 1 million inhabitants.

In Belgium (relatively more affected than Italy 399 and Spain 446) 503 people per 1 million people.

The number of deaths per day is also falling. In that respect it resembles normal flu figures or the normal decrease in corona deaths.

(Figures above are from April 20, 2020. Source:

It is called that "Sweden has started a dangerous experiment". But haven't WE started a life-threatening experiment by giving up everything we have? By destroying our economy?


The damage in Sweden will be nothing compared to what we are going to experience here in the Netherlands. Sweden will come out better than the Netherlands without measures. Much better!

There is still such a country. Namely Belarus. Where they were playing hockey and football with packed stadiums until last week.

President Belarus: "Fear of COVID19 is a psychosis!"

Number of deaths? 55 out of 6 million inhabitants. Same features. Average age 80 years and underlying diseases. (source)

Our Prime Minister has just said in a press conference that we are NOT allowed to go to the hairdresser. Schools can possibly. HALF OPEN. For half of the students. Can't we really see how bizarre and insane such a decision is? All events CANCELED until September? Really? And then continue that line because winter is coming again ?? Corona will come again, surely?

Mr Rutte thought it was a “difficult decision”. "I consulted my soul."

Mister Rutte is a con man. A charlatan. A puppet that destroys you and us by following a policy that is not in the interest of the Dutch.

Are you going to tell grandpa and grandma that they can drop dead for now?

Because the virus can just wrap around itself again? But not in Sweden? Not for months? Are those other people then? Or is it a virus that has not targeted the Swedes? Or are people going to shout for months that Sweden still has something to expect while our economy has long since fallen? Who is going to explain this?

How does Mark explain that, with his soul? Wouldn't you look that way if you really care about your citizens?

Sweden will be avoided. And so Belarus will be avoided. You will not hear about it and if it cannot be otherwise, the greatest fallacies will be used to continue to convince you that they are right.

Keep an eye on it. You will see it.

WE are the idiots here. We in the Netherlands are screwed. And they don't! 

And there are a lot of people who have warned about this from the start.

NOTHING is worse than the consequences of these measures. Not even the Corona virus. And if it really is such a killer virus that is going to make a lot of victims with one revolution or another? Then the damage is even worse because you don't stop it anyway.

And if it comes out that way, we hope that the citizens will never, ever forget this and very quickly deal with this corrupt gang and the media! 

The end of the lockdown will be the start of the real lockdown with bizarre rules of life when citizens do NOT get up.



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