The Netherlands suddenly agrees accession to EU criminal Balkan countries

The House of Representatives called on Foreign Minister Stef Blok (VVD) last summer to block the badly corrupt Albania in the EU's accession negotiations.

However, Stef Blok reports on Friday evening that the Netherlands is abandoning the OBJECTS against the accession of North Macedonia and Albania completely.

Negotiations with North Macedonia regarding the House of Representatives can start immediately.

And accession talks with Albania are recommended 'in principle'.

France also suddenly on Friday opposed the accession of North Macedonia, according to news agency ANP.

Only the new MEDIAWET in Albania is a thorn in the side of the Dutch government. This law would counteract media independence (!!)

“There are also concerns about illegal migration and financial crime in the Balkans.”,  Blok wrote in his letter on Friday.

Blok thinks that North Macedonia is more than enough in the meantime 'tangible and sustainable improvements' to allow accession to the EU.

The accession of the Balkans will therefore be discussed again at an upcoming EU summit at the end of March.

A new admission procedure has been devised specifically for this purpose and entered into force in February. Countries may now be much more 'involved in their own admission process'.

In this way, the critical discussion surrounding the accession of Albania and North Macedonia was brought back to normal.

Denmark is the only country that still votes against Albania and North Macedonia.

Other countries in the European Commission would like to start talks on admission of Albania and North Macedonia as soon as possible.

It is feared that the two Balkan countries will otherwise enter the sphere of influence of Russia and China.

Accepting 5G and free mouth masks from China is of course no problem, but this aside.

Can we wake up a little bit maybe?

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