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The Audiokrant # 32

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In the thirty-second Audiokrant, Niels talks with writer Elze van Hamelen of the magazine Healthy Verstand, Writer and interviewer Pieter Stuurman of Café Weltschmerz & Danny of CSTV.

Elze van Hamelen is a transition consultant and also writes for the magazine Healthy Verstand. Elze has been involved in various changes in society for a long time, including the measures that have been taken to combat the corona virus. Elze has specially made a video about the PCR test, in which she explains the operation and reliability of the test.
In De Audiokrant Elze tells about her personal reason for making the video. She hopes that more people in her area will recognize that the test is fraudulent and that it is not justified to quarantine classes with children.

In addition to being a writer, Pieter Stuurman is also an interviewer for the YouTube channel Café Weltschzmerz. He recently interviewed the German sociologist & political scientist Ullrich Mies. Pieter mainly talks with Ulrich about the Deep Sate, the downfall of democracy and the rule of law. According to Mies, who writes for the website Rubikon, the newspaper Demokratischer Widerstand, and in the Netherlands for Healthy Mind, this process has been going on for thirty years, but the rulers are now openly showing their true intentions. Here you can see the video where you can find a link to the entire interview.
In Germany there is already more talk of an organized alternative media. In De Audiokrant Pieter sketches the current situation.

CSTV has a new website and is still working on its own video channel. Danny started with CSTV and sometimes has too little time to work on the expansion of the website. In the podcast we talk about the false reporting in the mainstream media. Yesterday an old lawsuit from the Czech Republic (2006) was again discredited where, according to Danny, a lot of information was not mentioned. The impression was created that everyone should get vaccinated while it was not about vaccination at all in this case, according to Danny. CSTV has dedicated an extensive article about it. In De Audiokrant we talk about this further, as well as corona and the growing number of people who visit the website for a different sound. Listen!

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