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The Audiokrant # 39

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De Audiokrant episode 39

In the thirty-ninth edition, Niels Lunsing talks to Patricia Mensink van AlwarenessTV, Guido Jonkers from Wanttoknow & Danny van Commonsense TV.

Patricia gives an overview of the latest interviews she gave in De Audiokrant.

Last Tuesday was Dennis Spanishtra from Police For Freedom as a guest at AlwarenessTV. Dennis is involved in the demonstrations and sees that different layers of the population are represented. A nice honest conversation according to Patricia. Economist Ad Broere was also a guest. He talked about what is really going on and how SMEs have been eroded. Patricia will soon have a meeting with someone who is actively working in the financial world. She hopes to gain more clarity about the global situation through this.

The broadcasts of AlwarenssTv are under pressure from the public broadcaster Salto. When broadcast with Desiree Rover a disclaimer about vaccinations was included to warn people about the information. According to Patricia, that's a good sign!

According to Guido there are currently several important things going on behind the scenes. The well-known American Dr. Fauci talked itself into denying first that any viruses research has been done in Wuhan's lab. There would also be a Prof. Charles Lieber who has led research and is an expert in developing nanotechnology. The story fits together seamlessly according to Guido.

He doesn't want to speculate too much, but he does think we are on the eve of a big reveal.

June 1, the Pentagon has to make a statement about extraterrestrial life and that, according to Guido, would fit perfectly into the picture to have a 'Scare event' take place as the last trump card to create chaos. We wait and see!

CommonSenseTV has worked hard on a new website in recent weeks. Danny tells the honest story in De Audiokrant. It takes a lot of time to process all content and to keep it easy to find for visitors to the website.

Danny then tells a special story of one of the CommonSenseTV writers who has been visited by the police. The message came just before the shoot and Danny was very shocked by the message.

Finally, we talk about the weekly podcast of CommonSenseTV and the emergence of the new media. Since different platforms have emerged from dissatisfaction, it seems short-lived when various problems are over. But will it also be like that? Listen!

Listen here….

For more episodes, go to the website of Niels Lunsing Blik op de Maatschappij:

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