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De Audiokrant #44 – Experimental vaccine on children?

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The Audiokrant # 44

Guido Jonkers has a article written about vaccinating teens aged 12 to 17.

The central question Guido poses is the following: how can you as a doctor want to vaccinate a group of people with an experimental vaccine? In De Audiokrant, Guido is astonished by the policy implemented by the outgoing Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge.

It is obvious to Guido that step by step they are working towards a surveillance society. 'We are constantly being frightened by ourselves and because of that we are vulnerable and we forget the love with which we are allowed to stand in the world'.

Guido inform us further about the political developments surrounding vaccination, the WEF membership of Hugo de Jonge and the obedience that most Dutch people show in society.

Fiona Zwart conducted a number of interviews for the YouTube channel Café Weltschmerz last year.

Since then she has started an initiative herself: Make That Change! Recently I spoke to her in De NieuweTijd Live in which she explains exactly what she wants to achieve with this initiative. Fiona talks about The Health Council that has approved to vaccinate healthy teenagers against the coronavirus. Fiona wants everyone to be heard to be a counter voice in this time. She wants to invite everyone to be the difference you want to see in the world. Fiona talks about deprogramming. Everyone is ready for that at their own time. Her proposal is not to participate and to strengthen yourself, both mentally and physically. She does not rule out the possibility of another lockdown in the autumn. 's advice Fiona is also to start creating again what you get energy from in this time.

Rico Brouwer recently played his new single 'With the Hague Battle' live in front of an audience in Nijmegen.

In De Audiokrant he talks very enthusiastically about the two video clips. Rico wanted to hear my opinion about the 2 different clips he is going to choose from. He will play his new single on July 10 - during the next interrogation of the BPOC2020. Also a very important broadcast because 80 police officers will personally tell their story for the Extra-Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry. This shows that it is indeed real persons who are making a statement. Julian Assange is also discussed, the pot candle This year's award and next Saturday's demonstration.

Lots of information, but we are used to that from Rico!


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