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The Audiokrant # 46

The Audiokrant # 46

.Joost Knevel, a former resident of the municipality of Bodegraven, reported crimes allegedly committed up to the age of six on November 6, 2020.

Since then, a lot has been going on in Bodegraven and it has become a heavily loaded business. Besides journalist Micha Kat and Wouter Raatgever, there are few people who are involved with it. Writer Ella Star follows the case and is also in contact with Joost Knevel. In De Audiokrant Ella gives an update of the case. It seems that the case is in a cover up will disappear. The three main characters Knevel, Kat and Raatgever who are involved in the case, are always dismissed as 'conspiracy theorists'. The three have been told by the preliminary relief court that they must stop all statements about the Bodegraven case. What now? Ella updates us in De Audiokrant.

Most people will have noticed that journalist Vries was recently shot.

Dwight Samson (RT Dutch) tells in De Audiokrant that in June he received an invitation from the NVJ (Dutch Association of Journalists) for a meeting about safety.

Journalists are being attacked and many journalists feel unsafe during their work. Dwight sees that legislation is being used to make the work of journalists safer. According to Dwight, there is always an action after an attack. According to him, it is a tool to execute agendas that were already ready. Finally, Dwight informs us about the transition to the new world. In Belgium and America, in particular, work is being done on the establishment of a new cabinet by citizens. According to Dwight, this will soon also come to the Netherlands and he is also involved in it. Interesting!

Writer Rients Hofstra talks about the founding of a new political party in which he himself is involved. It concerns the 1st Democratic People's Movement.

According to Rients, the term 'democracy' is misused by the parties D66, VVD, FvD and CDA, which suggest that they are democratic, but that is not the case, according to him.

Citizens and voters are central to the 1st Democratic People's Movement. “Promises are promises to voters”. Many promises are handed in after the elections and that must be different, according to Rients.

There will also be a focus on real expertise in ministries that can contribute professionally.

In De Audiokrant, Rients gives text and explanation about the new party that is still looking for extra support and volunteers.

You can read more information on the website of the party!


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