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De Audiokrant 48 – With a banging vaccination song

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In the forty-eighth edition of De Audiokrant I talk to lawyer Jeroen Sloendregt, journalist Elze van Hamelen & journalist Rico Brouwer.

Jeroen Sloendregt is a lawyer and co-founder of the platform Citizen front that has been heard a lot since the corona crisis. In recent weeks, he has been speaking at various places in the Netherlands to inform people about fundamental human rights.

Jeroen wants to show people that they can always invoke fundamental law in special situations such as the corona crisis. When we do not identify ourselves as a person, but only as a human being, a completely different situation arises. In De Audiokrant Jeroen briefly explains this process, which can also be very important for entrepreneurs. At the lectures Jeroen gives, many people are surprised about his information. It could be the legal breakthrough! It is important that you know what you are doing and that you know the legal rules well. Soon there will be a special website where all information can be found.

Journalist Elze van Hamelin sees an important development in the food industry. What many people do not realize is that the UN (United Nations) is setting in motion a major change to transform the food industry. The UN Food Systems Summit. In short, it means that local farmers are finding it increasingly difficult because they have to comply with all kinds of imposed rules. American philanthropist Bill Gates is also involved in this process through investments with his foundation (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation). He recently bought another piece of land that makes him the largest owner of farmland in the US. In De Audiokrant gives Elze also a few examples of initiatives in the Netherlands to support local farmers. Especially in this time of globalization it is increasingly important to make more conscious choices regarding food supply.

Some journalists work overtime and there are exceptions such as Rico Brouwer from Pot candle.

He outlines an overview of the past weeks in which he has attended demonstrations and talked to many people about, for example, Julian Assange.

The Ministry of Defense maintains a database of citizens' political views. According to the privacy law (AVG), this is officially not allowed and Rico spoke about this with Aad Visser in Potkaars.

Besides his work as a journalist, Rico Brouwer is also a musician. In De Audiokrant we get a taste of his new single about 'vaccination'.

Recently Rico was present at several lawsuits of Virus truth to report. He tells about this in De Audiokrant, where he also briefly addresses my question about Willem Engel's state of mind.

A lot has happened again in the past week, enjoy listening!


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