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De Audiokrant ep. 40

De Audiokrant ep. 40

The fortieth edition of De Audiokrant is a festive occasion.

Rob Vellekoop has been running since this week 10 years along with his news site DLMPlus and that is a major achievement. I will talk to Rob about his motivation to write articles for his page almost daily. The corruption, injustice and basically everything that is not right in society is reason enough for Rob to continue with his widely read articles. Later in the conversation I also briefly come into contact with another side of Rob: poetry. A ten-year anniversary is not nothing and Rob closes our conversation in style with a catchy poem, focused on this complicated time.

Veerle Coulembier is in Belgium frequently present at demonstrations and catch up with us in De Audiokrant.

On May 29, a demonstration was held in Brussels (Ter Kamerenbos). A walk was organized especially for all Europeans (European United) who want to demonstrate for freedom.

From the Netherlands, lawyer Jeroen Pols and Willem Engel (Viruswaarheid) were present to speak. A walk was organized which went off without any problems. Yet Veerle was able to tell us that there was excessive police brutality against a protester. The images can still be seen on the RTBenelux Facebook page.

Veerle advises everyone not to watch the images before going to sleep. So we have been warned!

Tilasmi Frigge is always looking for things that don't happen but, according to him, should happen. He has planned a network meeting for the leaders of the alternative media to get to know each other personally. He wants to create an informal setting with music, a snack and a drink in which all the leaders of the alternative media can talk to each other. The aim of the evening is better cooperation. We also talk about an interest-free money system where Tilasmi met one of the designers. He has been approached to cooperate in developing a new money system. In De Audiokrant, Tilasmi gives his vision of a new money system in which cash and digital money can coexist.


Have fun listening!

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