De AudioKrant ep. 41

The AudioKrant # 41

In the forty-first edition, Niels talks with journalist Rico Brouwer of Potkaars, writer Elze van Hamelen of Gezond Verstand & editor-in-chief Sander Compagner of De Andere Krant.

De Audiokant is a weekly collection of independent news. In addition to the regular media, there is also an alternative media where many people in the Netherlands are passionate about providing honest and independent news.

This sound has grown considerably in recent years and would like more cooperation.

To reinforce this sound, I regularly make an overview of different channels with independent news (websites, YouTube channels, podcasters and writers) that exist alongside the regular media.

In the forty-first edition I talk to journalist Rico Brouwer of Pot candle, writer Elze van Hamelen of Common sense & editor-in-chief Sander Compagner of The Other Newspaper. Have fun listening!

Have fun listening!

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Rico Brouwer from Pot candle was visiting Dennis Spaanstra last week, who set up the Police For Freedom initiative.

This Saturday there will be another Police For Freedom march in Apeldoorn, where Rico will also be present. Together they are recording a song with a video clip. Rico was so enthusiastic that he played a piece for us in De Audiokrant! Rico then continues with the news of the week about BPOC2020 (2020 Extra-Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry). The BPOC2020 YouTube channel has been suspended due to the government. Jade Kuit also shared the message from YouTube on Twitter containing the suspension. YouTube therefore sets up accounts on behalf of the Dutch government. It is unclear why the account was suspended. The suspension did not last long, the YouTube channel is up and running again.

Elze van Hamelin writes regularly for the magazine Gezond Verstand and has recently studied the situation in India.

She describes a very serious situation to which she received a lot of reactions via social media.

A lockdown was announced in India last year with major consequences for the population. The country had to be in lockdown within 4 hours of the announcement, in a country of 1,4 billion people. Within a very short time many people found themselves without work, food and shelter. Millions of people have moved into the country because of this because they had nowhere to go. Elze tells more about the distressing situation in India in De Audiokrant. The full article can be read on the website from Elze!

Editor-in-chief Sander Compagner of The Other Newspaper gives his personal vision of the future this week.

Sander currently speaks of a 'conditional freedom' in which people can enjoy the sun and can go on holiday again thanks to the vaccination. At the same time, Sander thinks it's the calm before the storm in a way. We also talk about the changing society and the polarization that exists.

He joked that there was a small discussion on Twitter about journalist Eric van de Beek and the MH17 file. Finally, Sander hopes that for the people who have woken up recently, there may be a soft landing with love and compassion.


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