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De Audiokrant ep. 42

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De Audiokrant ep. 42

Welcome to the 42nd episode of De Audiokrant

Ella Star talks about an article she read on Channel4 in which London police refuse to conduct an investigation into Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Public records show that over a 10-year period, there have been at least 6 testimonials from victims dealing with rape and assault. According to Ella, it is very clear that the police are very selective and deliberately do not investigate these kinds of cases.

In De Audiokrant we discuss how lawsuits are handled in the Netherlands when it comes to child abuse and pedo networks. According to Ella, it has to do with a power structure that ensures that information does not get out. At that level, people pretend it doesn't exist. “Ultimately, it's about massive crimes being committed against children and teenagers. As a collective we cannot accept that they can get away with this.'

Last week had Jasper (CommonSenseTV) a fellow YouTuber guest of the Dutch Matrix channel. The channel discusses conspiracies, extraterrestrial life and related topics. Jasper indicates in De Audiokrant that he finds it important to seek connections with other channels that are working on roughly the same topics. Jasper also said that he himself regularly watches the channel in which, for example, they take a staged 'UFO invasion' seriously.

In De Audiokrant we talk about the probability of such an event and the possibilities with holographic projections (Project Blue Beam) to make this possible. Jasper forwarded a video for everyone to see how stunning it looks.


Writer Rients Hofstra starts with a personal story about a puncture location near his home. He found an old lady at an injection site who could not be helped. The location wasn't open yet and she wasn't informed about that, which got her into trouble.

Rients does not hide his opinion when it comes to vaccination. According to Rients, everyone can inform themselves by, for example, following emeritus professor Pierre Capel and German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich.

Rients calls vaccination a crime against humanity. Despite the relaxation, Rients critical of the policy because he expects the measures to be reversed after the summer.

Have fun listening!



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