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The Audiokrant edition 43

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The Audiokrant edition 43

In the forty-third edition, Niels Lunsing talks with Veerle Coulembier from RT Belgium, Jeroen Arents from OPN & writer Pieter Stuurman.

Jurgen Conings

Veerle Coulem beer gives an update from Belgium in De Audiokrant. The search for professional soldier Jürgen Conings was also big news in the Netherlands. All uncertainty came to an end last week.

On June 20, 2021, the lifeless body of Jürgen Conings was found in the Dilserbos. Veerle gives her view on the situation, which can at least be called suspicious because it is precisely the mayor of the municipality of Maaseik, Johan Tollenaere, who would have found him.

In addition to the tragic situation surrounding Jürgen Conings, there will be a demonstration planned for all children. Our children, says the organization, are having a hard time. They come up with a lot of examples for that. There are quite a few children who experience mental or physical disadvantages from the measures.

Children from 12 years old have had to follow many rules every day since September, they can get serious physical complaints by wearing a mouth mask.

Veerle Malschaert will present this day and well-known names such as Josje Huisman (K3) and Paul Codde will speak out.

Independent Press Netherlands

Jeroen Arents is the driving force behind Independent Press Netherlands (OPN).

In De Audiokrant he tells how he has had to work a lot of overtime lately to launch the fourth edition of his newspaper. It cost Jeroen a lot of time and energy and he was also hacked on his PC.

The hacker was very targeted because only the files of the last newspaper had disappeared. The situation made Jeroen consider quitting because this was not the first setback in recent times. OPN is now working on edition five and there are also developments for new programs.

In De Audiokrant Jeroen uses the moment to promote his newspaper. It is possible to subscribe on the newspaper, but a donation is also welcome!

Pieter Stuurman

Writer Pieter Stuurman tells in De Audiokrant what has struck him lately. A new law was recently passed to ban disruptive legal entities (organizations). According to Pieter, it is very worrying, because who determines what is disruptive? A few political parties have voted against it, including Forum for Democracy (FvD). According to Pieter, the polarization in society is disruptive. 'You may wonder whether switching off one of the 2 polarities is the solution. It does eliminate the polarization, but you can ask yourself whether it is a healthy way'.

In addition to Pieter's news, he also gives interviews for Café Weltschmerz. Pieter will soon talk to former thinker of the nation and professor of philosophy at the University of Nijmegen René ten Bos. Last year he wrote the book 'De coronastorm' and he enters into a conversation with Pieter from a philosophical perspective.

Finally, I talk to Pieter about the individual connection that arises in the new media. He hopes that this will eventually lead to more collective connection. Time will tell whether this can be done in an organized way or if it should grow organically.

Have fun listening!

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