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De Audiokrant episode 31

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De Audiokant is a weekly collection of independent news.

In addition to the regular media, there is also an alternative media where many people in the Netherlands are passionately committed to honest and independent news provision.

This sound has grown considerably in recent years and would like more cooperation. To amplify this sound I regularly make an overview of different channels with independent news (websites, YouTube channels, podcasters and writers) that exist alongside the mainstream media.

Have fun listening!

Rob Vellekoop of DLMPlus has studied the work of the BPOC2020 (Outside Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry) in recent weeks.

The many interrogations that have taken place sometimes provide important information that can be returned read is on the website. Rob came across a number of interrogations of police officers in the Netherlands who are currently having a very difficult time. Due to the many demonstrations, police officers are forced to obey disproportionate orders from higher authority. For example, Rob said that instructions are given to consciously hit people on the head. Mutually, the atmosphere is not getting any better and officers are no longer sure what to do with each other during demonstrations.

In the podcast, Rob gives a brief summary of what he has read, but he never expected that officers would have to go that far on behalf of the police force.

From Belgium, Veerle Coulembier reports on various demonstrations that take place there RT Belgium.

According to Veerle, a turnaround is underway in Belgium. Until recently, there was little resistance from the population against the corona measures, but that now seems to be coming to an end.

Veerle was recently at an April 1 joke 'La Boum' by a large group of young people in Brussels that got out of hand. At the Bois de la Cambre in Brussels, a youth festival was created that was intended to be playful due to a call from Facebook. However, the party quickly came to an end as the Belgian police quickly intervened with police on horseback, tear gas and water cannons. In this video you can see a woman being run over by police on horseback (The images can be shocking).

According to Veerle, who was present on the spot, there were a lot of police officers and things were going fast. On different videos that Veerle sent me, it can be seen that the youth were very hunted and had to disappear from the park quickly.

Guido Jonkers from WantToKnow watched the live debate that took place in the Lower House last night until 03.00 am.

Since the scouts of the House of Representatives (Ollongren & Jorritsma) stopped because of the leaked information about Member of Parliament Pieter Omtzigt, there has been a lot of criticism. The two ex-scouts had to answer together with Prime Minister Rutte for all party leaders represented in the chamber. In De Audiokrant Guido gives his view on the events that can be found on Twitter under the hashtag #Ollongrengate. According to Guido it is very striking that D66 and CDA continue to support Rutte. It will be difficult to work it out with left-wing parties and a cabinet on the right flank is unlikely to be feasible. These are exciting times in politics, listen up!

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