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De Audiokrant episode 34

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The Audiokrant # 34

In the thirty-fourth edition of De Audiokrant I talk to journalist Fred Teunissen (Transition Web), presenter Patricia Mensink (AlwarenessTV) & Jasper (CommonSenseTV).

Patricia Mensink tells in De Audiokrant that she has started again with interviews for AlwarenessTV. She recently had author Sanne Burger as a guest to talk about her new book “Broodje Corona”. She wrote columns in the run-up to the pandemic, which eventually resulted in a book. The interview can be seen here. Patricia goes on to say that she sees the parallel society emerge and that we have to find our own way in it. We should no longer find and discard people who think differently from the mainstream, according to Patricia.

Fred Teunissen talks candidly about his own social environment, which is not sure whether to get tested or vaccinated. It is difficult for him and he feels a certain defeat and anger. Accepting that people make a different choice is difficult for Fred. According to noted British physician Vernon Coleman, people who have been vaccinated can become a breeding ground for mutated viruses and therefore dangerous for unvaccinated people. Fred thinks that vaccinees are more likely to have serious side effects, and that there will be a bigger problem later this year because of the vaccinations that were administered. Heavy topics during the conversation with Fred. Reason enough to end lightly with a flash mob that could be seen on his website Transition Web!

Jasper updates us on his latest program on the YouTube channel The Jasper Experience. He gives the listener a weekly portion of common sense. Recently, Jasper has a new part in his program “De 20 van Jasper”. He sees 20 main points that play a role worldwide such as politics, climate, big pharma. This week Jasper gives a deeper look at NEXIT, in which he discusses the Schengen treaty. In addition, he has made contact with the company Mollie that has banned the Café Weltschmerz platform and several other podcasters. Mollie ensures that transactions are transferred to your bank account. It seems that Mollie makes a distinction in its customer base. It is still unclear what the reason for this is. Jasper started the conversation, listen to the whole conversation here!


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