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The Audiokrant number 50!

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Rick Kuitems has met LNN media made considerable professionalization. The editorial staff has been expanded and there is now also an office in Hilversum where programs can be made. Rick talks passionately about the distortions in the news by the MSM.

Outgoing Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge filed a complaint this week because of a threat on social media. During the demonstration last Sunday in Amsterdam, a gallows could be seen. Through social media, outgoing minister Hugo de Jonge was threatened because the gallows of the demonstration were intended for him. Rick told De Audiokrant that the media is distorting the situation because the maker of the gallows has made it clear that the Dutch population would hang on the gallows. The reference to a minister was never made according to Rick. A very energetic and sincere speech from Rick. LNN is on the rise!

Rob Vellekoop has moved and is clearly in two worlds. On the one hand, the wooded area of ​​the countryside with apple trees and untouched nature. In addition, there is the digital world where freedoms are being taken away at a rapid pace and people are being excluded. Rob tells in De Audiokrant that he experiences a struggle in writing for DLMPlus. Writing is hard for Rob because the worlds are so far apart that he literally feels pulled apart. According to Rob, the corona reality is only a very small thin layer that is projected onto everyone's retina with enormous commitment, power and money. After his departure from the city, the contrast between normal life and the media's perception of a dangerous virus has become much greater for Rob. In De Audiokrant, Rob encourages people to move more to the countryside so that the globalist agenda is more difficult to implement.

Fiona Black is the initiator of Make That Change and has recently been involved in various new media such as The Other NewspaperFor De Andere Krant she wants to have more in-depth conversations that show the human side. According to Fiona, the human side is something that is still missing in the new media and that she feels called to do something with. In De Audiokrant she tells that with her movement performed some coaching in the form of group meetings with a number of experienced speakers. It is important that this makes you mentally stronger. Many people are triggered at certain times during this time. In the podcast we discuss what last triggered Fiona. According to Fiona, there are currently many people who see through the game that is being played worldwide. As a result, groups of people are already getting saturated with information about corona. It is precisely for this group that it is important to connect with like-minded people. Fiona also gives advice to make the way in. According to her, there is really no better time to get to know yourself than now.


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