The Audiokrant # 30 with Tilasmi Frigge, Patricia Mensink and Sander Compagner

In the thirtieth edition of De Audiokrant, Niels talks with activist Tilasmi Frigge from YouTube channel De Ommekeer, Patricia Mensink from AlwarenessTV & editor-in-chief Sander Compagner of The Other Newspaper.

Tilasmi Frigge made a very impressive video for his YouTube channel De Ommekeer last week. He reported on the demonstration against the disproportionate corona measures on the Museumplein in Amsterdam. He showed that a very worrisome situation has arisen. In the images you can see that a whole row of former soldiers was ready on line to protect civilians against the police brutality.

Various interviews with soldiers, doctors and nurses are reviewed. In the Audiokrant I talk to Tilasmi about how he experienced that day. In the video you see Tilasmi, together with other attendees, very emotionally affected by the absurd situation that has arisen.


We know Patricia Mensink as the presenter of AlwarenessTV, but recently she also makes a radio program on Sunday evenings.

The program 'Patricia's Sundaynight Life' is all about consciousness. She recently did a nice interview with the American Tiger Singleton. He is a well-known personality when it comes to raising awareness. But she also recently spoke to a breathing coach and soon to be a relationship coach. Patricia tells in the Audiokrant that she is now mainly concerned with providing solutions. According to Patricia, more and more people are now waking up for whom it is important to come up with solutions.


Many organizations worldwide are concerned about the climate. Think of the UN, European Union and also Dutch political parties such as GroenLinks & D66. In the media we often see a one-sided story about the climate problem with little nuance.
Recently, De Andere Krant devoted an edition to the climate. In the Audiokrant, editor-in-chief Sander Compagner gives a short anthology of the various articles.

We briefly discuss the efforts of the Clintel Foundation, which report objectively and independently on climate change and climate policy.
They would like to convey a positive message about the climate.


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