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The bear is loose!

By ing. Vicki Van Lommel on Friday March 19, 2021

Under Kaag's globalist leadership, we are heading for a society in which people with the greatest Pavlovian effect score the most social credits while the moral compass has been thrown overboard, culminating in collective suicide.

Now that the Netherlands has voted, a coalition of VVD, D66, CDA and the Labor Party is an obvious choice. RutteKaagHoekstra en ploumen are at home at the World Economic Forum (WEF). Now that the pandemic, according to WEF CEO, Klaus Schwab, “A rare but narrow window of opportunity” to reset the entire world, the momentum must be maintained to disband the Netherlands within 10 years, one 'digital currency' to enter and everyone dependent to make the globalist government, so that no one neither any freedom nor any privacy left over. That is the intended goal and the rules of the game are now clear thanks to D66 and VVD.

Rules of the game 

After all, the VVD seems to have slipped a lot with its pencil, that they are even a large part of the Groningen municipalities blue have colored. So much blue is claiming that Groningers who have been allowed to languish for years in their torn VVD houses and will soon be shoved into a nuclear power plant in their front yard against their will, would vote for this party en masse ?! The fact that quite a lot of people are still watching NPO is one thing, but in this case the state broadcaster is really not necessary for Groningers to know how they were beeped by, among others, the VVD members Rutte and Wiebes. From that perspective, it is also unbelievable that the outgoing party D66 would also have gained seats. A party that has contributed to the demolition of the Netherlands over the past 4 years and is partly responsible for it 'Unprecedented Injustice' that people have been affected in the benefits affair. These people who are still allowed to bite a piece, because the 30.000 euros from the tax authorities are immediately accompanied by a debt claim of the same government agency. The fact that there are also people in the Netherlands with a self-centered individualistic sign in front of the head is one thing, but not approximately 1,8 million voters. If it is actually the case that so many people have voted for a party that is partly responsible for so much unprecedented injustice, and these people are also pushing the socially disruptive identity policy agenda, they can first look in the mirror so that they can see how antisocial they themselves are in life. This is not how you create a society in which it should be natural that you look after each other.

Pseudo-medical apartheid & megapoles

Nothing fits in a social society 'Prime Minister' Kaag who openly admits that she is enthusiastic about the socially segregating Israeli pseudo-medical dictatorial apartheid who already there plenty is going on. The assignment to Kaag to abolish the Netherlands and thus Europe, with which everything is kneaded into uniformity, will not only become a blot of disgrace in Dutch but also European history. But who can blame her for not understanding that, given that she has not only been part of the Netherlands, but also not part of Europe for many years. She lives and breathes globalism, whatever her mission is: the Netherlands reduce to one of the world's urban megapoles with 30 million inhabitants in conjunction with Flanders and North Rhine Westphalia.

Suicidal virtue system

All interconnected with the internet, the planners seem to have little awareness of the fact that with complete digitization and the digital nudging of people in urban mega stables, they are nipping all innovativeness in the bud instead of facilitating it. Simply because they create a reality in which the people with the greatest Pavlovian effect have the highest number 'social credits' to score. Given that the models used already do not correspond with ethics and reality, humanity is doomed to collective suicide with the currently intended plan as soon as the social credits criteria have reduced society to a blind. 'virtue system' that the human moral compass is completely destroyed. However, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Banks, Big Media, Big ... are so convinced at the moment of the imagined success of their megalomaniac plans, following in the footsteps of China, that they do not realize that they are in full swing of the 21st century 'the age of stupidity' are making in which everyone who flies the red flag is immediately canceled with blind absurdity. We are rapidly heading for a world where they have forgotten to install the emergency brake: What could possibly go wrong!

Nihilistic movement

Once upon a time, wealth creation and innovation was associated with it 'different' do and dare to be than the competition. At what point did Europe think it's smarter to be just as stupid as rival China? And if you look at the Dutch political spectrum now, the future seems pitch-black for the Dutch population, because many of those so-called representatives seem to be more interested in their political prestige jobs than to first wonder whether they have the competences at all to bring the Netherlands to a responsible manner. All thoughtlessly wooing the global climate & environment, identity & diversity and corona & vaccination agenda, while most of them may have heard the bell ring, but in fact don't even know where the clapper is.

This nihilistic political and pseudo-intellectual movement not only leads to the destruction of what was once built up thanks to reason and science, but now also threatens everyone's individual and collective health. With VVD and D66 at the helm, it is very realistic that the Dutch population will be subject to a vaccination obligation, these parties have motion let them know. And the media let you get used to the thought that too your child will soon receive a corona vaccine. Even primary school children are already being terrorized at school with the one and a half meters society, quarantine and the test society intended by the government. Everything is aimed at indoctrinating people into the belief that the other person is by definition a health hazard to you at all times. According to the Van Dale means indoctrination 'systematic influencing with the aim of allowing one's own ideas to be accepted uncritically'. Those who criticize become systematic censored or even thrown off social media platforms as a whole: today 'cancel culture' á plenty! It is the death knell for social cohesion and democracy


And while part of the Dutch population thoughtlessly said the word 'wappie' and / or 'anti-vaxxer' repetitive echoes over social media to people who have often properly informed themselves and have simply had all their previous vaccinations, the great master saw that it was good. Whether it will stand by and watch for a long time remains to be seen, given that more and more people are realizing that even an ever-growing group of highly educated right-minded people has been speaking out against this madness and unjust labeling for some time now. 'wappie''conspiracy thinker''right-wing extremist',… that dissenters by definition get pasted at random. Today it is one of the ways in an ocean of propaganda to find sources that are reliable. Thus, based on research of the Oxford University that governments are not averse to spreading misinformation. Wanted to Ollongren to regulate by law that the government has the exclusive right to spread fake news instead of protecting the Dutch population against it? Then let Omtzigt get that broom through that unlawful cupboard. It is high time that parties such as VVD and D66, but also politicians of other social contract connect with the population you represent.

Everything for a 'United Europe'

However, based on the practices of last year, it seems more obvious that under Kaag administration, censorship will increase and all dissent will be nipped in the bud. The law 'Broadening of possibilities to prohibit legal persons' was adopted during the previous cabinet period and also leaves room for silencing unwelcome political opponents. Likewise, it would not be remarkable if disproportionately excessive police brutality, such as to which ordinary people were exposed on the Malieveld on March 14, 2021, will increase. A cop has stated to the Extra-Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (BPOC) that violating the meter and a half, something that is difficult to observe in a group, is, according to the authorities, a reason to act. It is apparently normal to be a concerned protester for one as Romeo police bus throwing or hitting a baton incessantly while the protester in question got a bite from one police dog try to prevent. Multiple politieagenten have made statements to the BPOC. Is that the connection that Kaag wants to take care of: nipping legitimate opposition in the bud? After all, she has been commissioned as a former employee of the United Nations (UN) to set the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the same UN to be rolled out in The Netherlands. And the corrective binding referendum that she advocates is a sham, given that she wants to impose the condition that EU treaties do not fall under it, while under her administration the Netherlands should be abolished for the benefit of a 'United Europe'.

Demonstration rights

Nowadays, the Netherlands has slipped so far that you cannot question the corona religion of the government if you want to prevent your brain from being rammed together without any well-founded reason. If only allowed demonstrated within the framework of government policy, nothing of any democracy remains and the Netherlands has become a fascist state. The caretaker cabinet ruled with authoritarian authority last Sunday. Based on the present election result, the same politicians are now on the verge of taking power again for at least four years. It is not inconceivable that they will then use excessive violence against the population more often. Do people now understand why there were many moments during the last cabinet period when the population was surprised to see why the cabinet did not fall? They had an assignment from above to complete, and any, at first glance, contradictory position had to give way. Even after the report 'Unprecedented Injustice' there was.

The 'Great' plan

If those UN SDG goals are really that great for the world population and therefore also the Dutch population, that Build Back Better Great Reset plan of the WEF becomes a true mecca for the people, why do the inventors of this plan dismiss it as a great conspiracy theory devised by wappies? Which citizen of the world does not want to participate in a plan in which all the misery in their lives can be solved with one simple push of a button? Why be so sneaky? The plan is supposedly going to be so great for everyone in the world: "You'll own nothing and you'll be happy"

Or are those wappies right that the entire world population will be unlawfully robbed of all their possessions for which they have been working hard for life and they are subject to the condition of accepting a universal basic income, admittedly, will be freed from all their debts, but also all their property, freedom and privacy. That they will no longer even have the right to decide whether or not to be vaccinated. The world population reduced to 'cattle' thanks to opportunities providing 5G for global digital surveillance, artificial intelligence and robotization.

Vaccination agenda

Your pet manages to live a healthy life with hardly a vet visit, but the European Commission believes that by definition every person should be structurally and repetitively injected with all kinds of foreign substances, the effects of which are still unknown in the longer term, because otherwise, according to them, even healthy people could not be healthy at all. They even have one 'Vaccination agenda 2030' for rigged. If Mengele lived now, he could have run his experiments on nearly 8 billion people with the approval of millions of people who seem to consider it normal that now healthy people between the ages of 20 and 50 passing away to the Astrazeneca vaccine to give (multiple) chronically ill people, who in the vast majority have already reached the average life expectancy of 75 years, a few more sick months. Any doctor, any individual who injects this experimental substance, for which only a conditional license is currently issued, could potentially be held liable for any damage that occurs. So look before you start, because 'ich habe nicht gewusst' is not an option! This also applies to all politicians who facilitate and propagate this vaccination policy. There is now so much reliable scientific information available that you can no longer hide behind ignorance. Justice will prevail and by displaying excessive violence you have overplayed your hand.

Indisputable Rights

It is everyone's birthright to be in control of what will and will not happen to your body. Nothing can take this right away from you, not even a law. If necessary, different rules apply if someone or something tries to deprive you of this right in any sense. Likewise, imposing a basic income and thus imposing dependence is a crime against which you can protect yourself. If you are robbed of property that you have lawfully earned, it is theft at all times, even if the robbery is legitimized by law.

In addition, it is the primary duty of every parent to protect their child against any psychological and / or physical threat, against which the child cannot protect itself. Even the government cannot break that unwritten contract between parent and child.

All these are rights of every individual, which in case of violation are life-threatening and thus can never be overruled, not even by law, not even by the government. The protection of these rights can therefore never be legally prosecuted. Likewise, it is part of the social contract between people to ensure that these rights of every individual are respected and it is part of an unwritten agreement to stand up for each other in this if these rights are in danger of being taken away from someone.

A government never has the right to unlawfully rob you of the inviolability of your body, your health, your social environment, your possessions or your life. No one is ever worth more than another, even if there are those who think so. The 21st century has the potential to become the era in which the entire world population can lift itself out of poverty because of the technological possibilities available. However, every individual must now or consciously take control of his life and determine which world he stands for and start living according to it. Because if we don't, otherwise the chances are very likely that we will be heading for collective suicide because the current rulers decided to leave the moral compass to algorithms and humanity would reach a point where no individual dared to pull the emergency brake. , because of fear of dying of starvation from social credits.

Overconfident blindness

Why do we want to move towards a world in which we increase our IQ by means of microchips? As if IQ is only about a bigger hard drive. Obviously, we are not even able to properly use our present innate intelligence, so what catastrophe do we not invoke as humanity when we lose complete control through overconfidence?

Is none of these planners, rulers able to appreciate substantiated opinions and take them seriously? It is simply absurd to expect 8 billion people to agree to collective suicide. Those who are so arrogant and stick to well-intentioned other ideas and warnings should not be surprised to find themselves alone. Then the ever-growing group of dissenters will also build a new society in which everyone is welcome and is given the space to develop! This group is done with collateral damage and is appropriate for a vision of collective suicide in the future.

eng. Vicki Van Lommel

Columnist, research and science journalist who writes about sustainability, climate, energy, circular economy, politics and society. Founder

Source: (22-3-2021)

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