The benefits of a belief

Based on the fact that religion has destroyed more in the course of the last 20 centuries and well before that than ever it would have liked, a change is noticeable.

Yet there are also strange loveless arrangements outside of religion: grandpa and grandma are allowed to visit their own children with, for example, five grandchildren, but that entire family of seven people is not allowed to visit grandfather and grandmother because of the risk of corona.

Keeping a distance of 1,5 meters is imposed on everyone, as if it were a scientifically proven measure. At the whores, grandpa pays a lot to cover that distance. Hugo & Mark are no problem, only grandmother thinks otherwise.

Face masks are likely to become illegal by law in public areas soon. Here too, H&M lack the scientific basis. Mouth mask is therefore mandatory anyway, but which ones are (un) scientifically approved? Are those of the Action just as good as the masks on offer on the internet or those of Gutie in the PC Hooftstraat? I still have a piece of fly screen from the PvdD lender. When I wrap that around my head, even my eyes and ears are shielded from frantic followers of H&M. on landing, to kill.

The question remains what the cap wearers are so afraid of if I do not wear a hood and they do? The tame sheep are protected, right? Especially if they stick to the wet finger-like 1,5 meters?

All the faint of heart should feel that safety when they are sprayed with a highly dubious quality vaccine from even more dubious pharmaceuticals.
Not a single vaccine can be made that is safe in ¾ years, even if no safe vaccines exist at all. Conflicts of interest do exist. And people at the top, with Bill Gates in the lead, refuse and don't let their children cum.

Meeting in buildings is very limited, except for churches, synagogues and mosques. There, under the protection of above, people may sing, sneeze and cough side by side, while the catering industry has been completely shut down, but the big business is allowed to visit the casinos undisturbed!

Even large outdoor spaces like football stadiums are taboo for people who crave their most important afterthought: cheering on the team of choice. A stadium like De Kuip, for example, which can accommodate more than 50.000 people, is terrifyingly empty while their team has to begin the kickoff. First all without masks at five feet from each other, with the arbitral trio in the middle; then ready for kickoff. And then just hope it stays 0-0, because with every goal up to 11 unmuzzled teammates jump on top of each other. And no boa around, let alone a platoon with a baton running onto the field.

Introducing a law and not implementing it wastes a lot of energy, right Ferd Grapperhaus?

Unless king football has canonized the players. A bunch of godsons have been walking around in our capital for decades.
And then there is the solution: all supporters convert to the new religion of the Ronde Bal and rename their stadium Ballenkerk. Then in the holy Ballen Kuipkerk more than 50.000 enthusiastic religious Ball worshipers can sing the famous Ball Verses Hand in Hand.

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